Train station Goodmayes

Train station Goodmayes, Ilford IG3 9FH, United Kingdom: 18 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Train station Goodmayes
Address: Ilford IG3 9FH, United Kingdom

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 51.5656709
Longitude: 0.1114011

Location on the map


T Zero
Another station on a popular commuter line. Clean, modern and accessible. Seems fairly quiet in the morning but that may be down to covid? Has great sunrises.
2 months ago
Opyni com
Great customer support
10 months ago
Meagan Stewart
I nice
4 months ago
Chris Hoodicoff
Best place, has the best communities. Lovely environment, loads of shops, groceries and recreational parks. Not so much traffic on roads, The area is not so much as polluted as others, amazingly the air is very well clean. Large diversity of ethnic minority. Many flats can be rented out. On the outskirts of Essex and there is allot of forestry here and there.
7 months ago
mark leclere
This morning, the staff from Romford station have been giving people wrong instructions to go to platform 1 those people who wanted to go to London direction using TfL from platform 4(which was closed) due to the fact that a packed train was coming from Shenfield(which I saw when it stopped at Romford that it was almost empty). I went to platform 2, to take greater anglia as I knew that it was going into the direction I wanted to go. On the platform, there was another man who was giving instructions to go to platform 1 again. Took the train from platform 1, to realise while was leaving the station that it was going in the opposite direction(to Upminster). Staff need more training!! Ps : when I asked the lady in from of the blocked entrance of platform 4 that I want to take the train to Liverpool Street and where should I go she told me to go to platform1.
8 months ago
Jonathan Williams
This station that will become part of cross rail (Elizabeth line) is of good quality however there is a lot of construction mess around the station and the paintwork is lacking in a lot of areas of the station.
9 months ago
Nic Flaminio
Looks very nice
8 months ago
Aaron Bradley
It is incredibly busy in peak hours. 70% station does not have roof. Recently renovated. Garden to look for. Incredible in nearby stations. Incredible staff.
9 months ago
John Rose
Is a tidy station, with plenty of platform space. However, around 60% or more of the platform is not covered, so there is the potential to get wet when raining. Also, does not have a elevator, so be mindful of that if you have a stroller or a wheelchair.
9 months ago
Tom Fennell
A big train over ground station with a nice little cafe downstairs.
9 months ago
Sara Wilder
Used this station for a lot of my life to get to Stratford or into London, gets incredibly busy during peak times and difficult to get on trains then due to the mass of people. Also wish it could go further into London as opposed to ending the journey at Liverpool Street, fortunately this is all to change in a couple of years with new bigger trains and trains going further on the central line so please be excited.
9 months ago
Adrian Beaumont
Need an elevator for disabled people. Tiny station, clean. Need security there
2 weeks ago
Richard Dodge
Currently undergoing works for Crossrail. Superbusy during peak times so full of pushy people with lack of consideration for the less able. Really pleasant staff, manned most of the time. They need to do something about Playform 3 near the cafe, it's so restricted for access for those who need to go further up the platform, it's an accident waiting to happen it ferls dangerous with the hoarding restricting space even further.
11 months ago
Sarah Morgan
Everyday delay either rain, train ahead is slow, leaves on the track, too cold, Driver woke up late. And many other silly reasons.
6 months ago
Joe Perkins
6 months ago
Deborah Marks
The problem has been fixed back to 5 stars....On Google Maps, The train time are not right, missing the London bound train time or same are missing
6 months ago
John West
Супер точни собственици
4 months ago
Elizabeth Palmer
Perché gli servizi vanno ala grande altro che Italia
6 months ago

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