Pet groomer Dva Khvosta

Pet groomer Dva Khvosta, Mozhayskoye Shosse, 100а, Odintsovo, Moscow Oblast, 143005: 10 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: Mozhayskoye Shosse, 100а, Odintsovo, Moscow Oblast, 143005
Phone number: 8 (925) 400-40-80

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Rick Giovanini
(Translated by Google) My cat just hates to swim and constantly walk around all scratched after that. For this reason, I decided to entrust it to professionals. They combed out all the mats and washed. I haven't seen my cat so beautiful for …
9 months ago
Shima Azizzadeh
(Translated by Google) I have long wanted to cut the Spitz beautifully somehow and finally got around. I really liked it here. Nice and different place. Nice girls work. They said. So as not to worry and everything will be done beautifully. …
10 months ago
chris burton
(Translated by Google) I have an Akita Inu and who knows this breed, then understands how difficult it is to care for it. So that the dog always looks well-groomed and beautiful. I trust this procedure only to the salon of 2 tails. Always …
9 months ago
Shenelle Stewart
(Translated by Google) Made here a cool procedure for the cat, soft claws. I didn't even know about her before. And the girls offered to do this. Finally, I now walk without scratches and do not have to worry about new leather furniture. …
9 months ago
Sheer Glee
Классное место для …
9 months ago
Jooho Kim
(Translated by Google) She cut her Yorkie here. The girls are great, they know their job very well and easily find an approach to the dog. My dog ​​is nervous and can bite if he doesn't like something, but even then there was no such …
3 months ago
Dear Shelley
(Translated by Google) My daughter asked for a long time to make a beautiful hairstyle for our dog. We decided to go in 2 tails. To come up with something stylish. The girls are great fellows. Such beauty was brought up. I definitely …
10 months ago
Chieko Yamada
(Translated by Google) Was on vacation for a week and when I arrived home I was shocked what my spitz had become. His husband did not count him at all. Such mats remained, it was unrealistic to comb. I went rather to the girls in 2 tails …
9 months ago
Mystik Waboose
Один из лучших салонов для собак где я …
9 months ago
Humma Khan
9 months ago

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