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Address: 240 S Main St, Newport, IN 47966, United States
Phone number: +1 765-492-4220

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Valentina Beloussov
Started going here to the hill climb as a child. Still fun. A lot of great antique vehicles to see, the flea market is large and always plenty of food. I do miss the rides they use to have even though I'm too old to ride them I miss the sounds of the little horns from those rides. It seems to grow every year. I love it.
7 months ago
Константин Комаров
The Newport Hill Climb was a great experience with 100's of classic cars, many tasty food vendors, and flea market booths to view. A step back in time!
9 months ago
Ольга Пальмина
Innocent tiny town. Best festival (tiny town) in Indiana! 500 live compared 150,000 attendance. Newport lucky! Newport downtown square looking like nyc traffic peoples.
5 months ago
Алла Ермакова
All we did is the flea market and surrounding garage sales. Saw some of the cars, pretty interesting. Three of the cars owners stayed at the Peaceful Waters campground where we were camping, so got to see their cars up close.
8 months ago
Артём Гуляков
Visit Newport Hill Climb ever year. First weekend in October. What a great time had by all.
1 month ago
Алексей Галаган
Newport Hill Climb is the *most* fun you can have in Indiana with the whole family in the month of October! Car shows, Flea market, great food, wonderful people, raffles, it's my favorite weekend show of the whole year...and I'm a jewelry vendor, we do a lot of shows!
11 months ago
Майя Елецкая
Enjoyed the car show and watching the hill climb practices. Parking was a nightmare. Getting in wasn't too bad, but getting out was absolutely horrible. Need more people on hand to direct traffic. It took 45 minutes to get out, as it was congested. Finally saw a couple people directing.
10 months ago
Василий Минченков
I am in the race and camp out and it is a a awesome fun time with a lot of nice people The lions club is great and have always been helpful when I call and the food is great and prices are very reasonable.
10 months ago
Аспрспр Ппрапрс
Cool car's , great food , lot's of great things to see and buy ! Had an amazing time!
9 months ago
Станислав Иванов
The Newport Hill Clumb was great again this year!
7 months ago
Страница Удалена
Had a great time at the Newport Hill Climb everyone at the Lions club was very nice
1 month ago
Иван Меняйлов
Loved watching the CV antique cars and trucks hill climb some don't make it up the hill good place to take your family bring chairs to sit infor watching and you'll see children Three wheeler race, and other family activities, plenty of things to see bring money not too many credit card machines like a giant flea market enjoy.
10 months ago
Кирилл Наговицын
It was good
9 months ago
Анюта Васильева
Hill climb is ALWAYS A GREAT TIME!
9 months ago
Наталья Анисимова
Went there for the annual Hill Climb. This group does an amazing job with this event. I continue to look forward to visiting again next year. Keep up the fantastic work!!
1 week ago
Алина Цветкова-Раздрогова
Went to the Hill Climb. Had a wonderful time. I appreciate how well organized everything is.
10 months ago
Иван Иванов
Hill Climb is a great time.
9 months ago
Мария Рябушкина
I really enjoyed it here! The annual antique auto hill climb was underway and was very interesting to watch!
1 month ago
Константин Агафонов
Of course you need to enjoy the Newport Hillclimb. It is a piece of Americana.
1 month ago
Екатерина Молчанова
Loved it there it was fun.
11 months ago
Григорий Наухацкий
Hill climb is a great event and a huge undertaking for Lions group. They do a good job!
11 months ago
Дима Юля
I had a great time friendly people and a great get together of automobile loving people.
9 months ago
Саша Беляков
Great place for family to get together.
9 months ago
Мария Корчакова
Best weekend I had last year
9 months ago
Вячеслав Соболев
One of my favourite places to go, love everything about the hill clime festival. From the car show to the food venders,the stuff for sale and the hill clime its self. Its an amazing event.
2 months ago
Настя Власова
Parking is a help. Didn't move for a half hour trying to get out
9 months ago
Александр Иванчин
Love the old car and them running up the hill
7 months ago
Женечка Щапова
From model "T" car's to car's of today, it was a blast from the past, a great rolling history lesson.
8 hours ago
Андрей Наджафов
The people here are very friendly. Their membership fee is reasonable too.
10 months ago
Наталья Егорова
They have it all food, shopping, and cars
9 months ago
Ilya Smirnoff
Vintage vehicles which are show and GO!
9 months ago
Serhio Ramos
Great thing in watching old cars race up a hill.
1 week ago
Sharif Babadzhanov
Great antique cars and hill climb even paid for lunch for Danville Veterans
11 months ago
Sanek Voronkov
Hill Climb was fun to watch, food and great
3 months ago
Шуся Шустер
I loved being a member for over 18 years I enjoyed going around getting donations for the hillclimb talking about it and the club all around in both states it is ashame that for all the hours I put in and my health that is getting worse it took just a few members that didn't appreciate what I did just wanted the keg more to drink then my help my health would not let me do everything I used to the few did not care they got drunk and pushed me out of the club and they lost alot of donations because of it I miss the club and some of my donners have not gave to them not to mention the new ones that I had that was coming aboard so it is there loss it is sad they chose the keg over my health and the donations
7 months ago
Галина Ковбасенко
The hill climb is a must. Love the classic cars!!!
2 weeks ago
Елена Ковалева
Friendly people.
9 months ago
Анатолий Лысов
Getting out was crazy
1 month ago
Кирилл Цыбанов
Great place
1 month ago
Илья Кольцов-Котыга
7 months ago
Настя Белых
Awesome hill climb
11 months ago
Елена Петренко
Love the Newport hill climb
10 months ago
Женька Рыжков
Nice people
2 weeks ago
Roman Rokotov
7 months ago
Ольга Ольгина
9 months ago
Майя Истоцкая
11 months ago
Андрей Касаткин
1 month ago
Юрий Косман
11 months ago
Роман Коротких
11 months ago
Сергей Шевцов
7 months ago

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