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Address: 4285 Atlanta Hwy, Athens, GA 30606, United States
Phone number: +1 706-354-4647

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Юлия Кузьмина
Jim was my sales guy. Very nice man. made me feel I could be worries free if I purchase a car with them.... So he told me to call him when I have made a decision so he can start working on the paperwork . so I did call him and I told them i am getting the money and i will be there in 30 min... When I got there his answer was. I sold the card!!! i was like are you kidding me ? (I understand someone got to their place with the money on hand a took the car) that is not the issue. but he couldn't even give me a call to say hey sorry I sold the car. instead made me drive all the way to their office to tell me the car was gone. Seriously.. when he even have my contact information.. In my opinion that is very disrespectful. unfortunately I wont be going there anymore..
8 months ago
Ольга Шмакова
Miles and his team are amazing!
9 months ago
Лёша Попов
I just like to say that on February 9, 2019 about a Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer edition from Automax here in Athens Georgia all of the highway when I got this vehicle two weeks later the engine light came on it needed a new radiator they put one in three weeks later The exhaust system was messed up on this truck I had to pay half of the bill even though I was still in a 30 day warranty I had to pay half of that bill which calls over $600 to have a new exhaust put on the truck two weeks later the engine light came back on I had a vibration in the truck which was a misfire in the number two cylinder I change spark plugs wires a new coil pack in the truck a number amount of dollars was spent in the truck still had a misfire in it so I took it to mechanics other than Auto Max which they did not want to fix because it was not on the warranty anymore so I had to go to a mechanic the mechanic changed the fuel injector on the truck that was causing the misfire after that issue will resolve the engine light came back on again it still has a vibration in it So I took it back to another mechanic shop to have this fixed and it still doing the same thing which is still cost you mean a number of amount of dollars that I have put into this truck after three months that I help purchase this vehicle from Auto Max here in Athens I just want to let you all know I have spent almost $2000 into this truck to get it fixed and is still doing the same thing you all think that Auto Max is a good dealership no they’re not they just a dealership that wants to get you into a vehicle after 30 days a warranty if something goes wrong with your car or truck they are not willing to step up and fix the vehicle since I’ve had this truck I have not gotten one phone call from this dealership to ask to see how my truck was doing is anything that they can do to try to resolve this and they have not stepped up to the plate They have to poor customer Service they are not concerned about you after they sell you a vehicle are they don’t want to go buy a vehicle from no they are not thank you
2 weeks ago
Евгений Маньков
I purcased a santa fe in april 2019 two weeks after i bought it started having firing issues . i called Miles and he ask me to bring it in . the car actually just cut off half way there left me stranded. I called back Miles had the car picked up at his expense it needed new plugs and wires coils cats put on in total over $2000. In repairs they paid 100% to get my car back to me in a timily fashion . very much impressed with Auto Max in Athens GA have sent a couple friends there aswell . Thanks Miles William pardue
2 weeks ago
Айно Воробьева
Best salesman I've seen in my lifetime
9 months ago
Aleksey Gonichev
I have bought 9 vehicles from Automax and have never had a problem with the price or personnel everyone has been very helpful!!!! If you want a good car buying experience this is where you need to go.
2 months ago
Надежда Соловьева
Reliable cars. I brought one 3 years ago from them. Looking for one for my soon to be college age son
2 weeks ago
Римма Давидян
If i could give 0 stars i would TERRIBLE TERRIBLE service do NOT buy any thing from them they are really bad people and have horrible pepole there who lie and STEAL from you (money AND cars) i HATE them again do NOT buy from them
6 months ago
Дмитрий Ковяров
If I could rate them a -1, I would. This entity sold an elderly lady a vehicle that was knowingly defective. They switched the vehicle for another one that was even more defective, including it being salvaged and previously damaged in a …
10 months ago
Ольга Антонова
Miles and everyone there are so helpful!
2 months ago
Дмитрий Преведов
These guys do a great job of making themselves look like decent people. However, they sold me a car that they "hid" a major mechanical issue - the head gasket. Of course, their faulty fix only lasted a couple of months, the car …
11 months ago
Андрей Родионов
Beware, Automax Athens lied to us. If they'll lie to a pregnant woman, they'll do it to anyone. 3 weeks ago we sold our Mazda to them for $4550 (they'll likely turn around and sell it for 9-10K). But there was a title name issue (still …
1 month ago
Татьяна Борисоглебская
Always a friendly and helpful staff!
11 months ago
Екатерина Шиханова
Really worked wit me shout out Miles
6 months ago
Виктор Ковалев
Good so far
2 weeks ago
Наталья Колосова
10 months ago
Алекс Канди
8 months ago
Евгений Богданов
10 months ago

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