Photography studio Brooklyn Grain

Photography studio Brooklyn Grain, 1166 Manhattan Ave #302, Brooklyn, NY 11222, United States: 25 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 1166 Manhattan Ave #302, Brooklyn, NY 11222, United States
Phone number: +1 347-932-3576

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Alla Sedykh
Great studio. Great vibe. Attentive staff. Love them.
3 months ago
Christina Bonney
Brooklyn Grain is the best studio I have ever been to in Brooklyn! Its super spacious and professional, without being pretentious. The owner's make sure each client has all their needs met, and work extra hard to problem solve for your shoot no matter how small, making the models and photographer feel comfortable, and ensuring your entire shoot is stress free and successful. I recommend this studio to all my NYC clients, as well as visiting photographers. Its also in a great location, so its easy for you entire crew to get there. Highly recommend this studio for any size shoot!
7 months ago
Nazim Uddin
Great space. Perfect venue for film shoot or photo shoot. Professionals and great communicators. Will definitely return
2 days ago
Uriel Jaimes
This place is amazing! So organized, clean, professional! Loved working with them and definitely hope to again soon! Highly recommend
2 months ago
Michael Petrowski
Highly recommend!!! Professional staff. Great space. What more can you ask for?
8 months ago
Yosef Amrami
There is two separate shooting spaces. One has a new cyc, and the other lots of natural light. The owners are friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating to your needs. I highly recommend shooting at Brooklyn Grain.
2 months ago
Cristian Russell
I got the chance to work at Brooklyn Grain Studios during an eyewear brand photo shoot. I think the place speaks by itself with the beautiful daylight in both studios. You can embrace the light for the whole day with different effects and not even use the lighting equipment. The place has its own texture and vibes with the brick walls and with that beautiful sitting / chill corner - great props for a photo shoot for portraits. It was clean, neat, organized and ready for us to start the shoot with all the required equipment ready. It was spacious so each member in the team - hair stylist, make up artist, photographer, stylist and the client - were comfortably in the same studio. Though it was the first time at the venue, it was familiar and easy with all these pre-planned preparations for us. Thank you Brooklyn Grain team for your care and all day long support and presence and for the continuous supply of hot coffee all day long. See you soon for the next project...
7 months ago
Dee Meddock
Absolutely beautiful studio run by great people who have a real understanding of the industry. Highly recommended!
8 months ago
Joshua Bruce
The best photography studio. And the warmest people too.
9 months ago
John Moore
Friendly and helpful staff, Beautiful location and great natural light. Highly recommended!
2 months ago
Kristal Hut
Gorgeous studio, great light, and the owners are wonderful to work with.
2 months ago
William Brooks
Working on a photoshoot at Brooklyn Grain was a really great expereince
2 months ago
Basil Grant
Best of the best in every aspect
11 months ago
Naveen kumar
5 stars all around!!!!!
7 months ago
Melany Chicoine
Such a beautiful space!!!
2 months ago
Terri Curry
I scouted StudioA
7 months ago
Shelly L
7 months ago
dench morales
11 months ago
Kisha Wisdom
2 months ago
Hunter Barrera
10 months ago
jamie nielsen
7 months ago
margot ouellet
7 months ago
Grace Day
4 months ago
Jessica Staco
6 months ago
Andrew Smith
2 months ago

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