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Elementary school Meadowview Elementary School, 4312 Shed Rd, Bossier City, LA 71111, United States: 16 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 4312 Shed Rd, Bossier City, LA 71111, United States
Website: meadowview.bossierschools.org
Phone number: +1 318-549-5640

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Matthew Sargent
I love this school! I went here and the teachers we're nice and taught every well! I left Medowview at a 9 grade reading level. The teachers don't push you to hard, but you'll still learn. This school is amazing best 5 yrs of my life! Proud road runner!!
8 months ago
Jens Schulz
I loved my short time at this school as well. It was a brand new school at the time I started attending there. I think the previous school was destroyed by a tornado, if I recall correctly. I must have attended this school in the early '80s. I remember having great teachers... We moved to Mississippi where the school I transferred into wasn't nearly as good...
2 months ago
Jeff Collins
My son's experience is all I can talk about honestly. He does get bullied, but usually the principal it pretty quick about handling it. The communication between parent, teacher, and principal could be better, but my son is at a 7th grade reading level and excelling in math. What more could a mother want?
2 months ago
Miguel Hartford
Not ideal for families with special needs children due to lack of programs. Kids seem to fall through the cracks. Pick up lines are a nightmare. The low income area effects the school in a huge way. The start of the year teachers can't begin properly due to parents not buying school supplies and teachers having to spend their own money on them. Low grades and classwide negative dojo points are an issue. Funding is a HUGE issue here.
6 months ago
Greg Hammond
Three years ago my daughter started 5th grade at this school in Mrs. Sherry Shepard's class with a 2nd grade reading level. She finished the year at an early 5th grade reading level. Mrs. Shepard pushed her out of her comfort zone and was proactive in encouraging my daughter to do the hard work to learn to read and work beyond her limits so she was able to catch up with her class. That year was filled with many days and nights full of tears that paid off and have continued to pay off 2 years later. Earlier in the week I had a meeting with my daughter's learning team at her new middle school in north Texas. I am happy to report my daughter is officially in a transition program to dismiss her IEP and get ready for high school and college. My daughter has expressed she'd like to do AP classes in high school and go onto Texas A&M school of business after high school. The staff at her new school district has promised to guide her in this and do their best to assist her in achieving her long term goals. Non of which seemed possible 5 years ago as I sat in an ARD meeting with administration telling me she would be lucky to graduate with a 7th grade reading level and college would never be possible. It all started with an amazing teacher who cared about her students and their future. A teacher who refused to give up on her student who may have otherwise been lost in the system. Thank you Mrs. Sherry Shepard and the staff at Meadowview Elementary School for all you did for my little girl. I look forward to sending those graduation invitations to you all in a few years.
2 months ago
Daniel Durant
Love the school does great work w my son
2 months ago
Debbie Kline
my lil one just started an loves it so far ..
11 months ago
Teresa Murray
Love this school come from a family of 3 generations of Road Runners!!!
8 months ago
Cat Bar
I miss Dr. Barrett!
5 months ago
Barbie Crabtree
2 months ago
Neha Patel
8 months ago
Logan Lewis
8 months ago
2 months ago
andreia barbosa
4 months ago
Jose Mendoza
9 months ago
Shawn Harvey
8 months ago

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