Water Way Distributing

Bottled water supplier Water Way Distributing, 510 35th St N, Birmingham, AL 35222, United States: 8 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Water Way Distributing
Rate: 4,3
Address: 510 35th St N, Birmingham, AL 35222, United States
Website: thewaterway.com
Phone number: +1 205-326-8800

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 33.5288657
Longitude: -86.7870095

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Petar Georgiev
UPDATE: the brought new bottle early the next morning without charge. I’ve been a customer for at least 5 years. Have had a few issues in the past with missed deliveries and saying they won’t be in the area again until the next month. Well yesterday I was delivered a bottle with a leak in it (which happens). The response I received was to just empty the bottle and put it out for the next MONTH’s delivery. This is my only bottle for the month because it’s just me. As a paying customer this should be replaced within at most a week and not on the next delivery date. I’m becoming very dissatisfied especially with whoever the receptionist is and might just cancel my deliveries all together.
8 months ago
Kristen Henson
This place is a breath of fresh air. I've worked with competitors and I wouldn't ever consider switching back. Their level of customer service and their responsiveness in the office and the ease and efficiency of their deliveries, has been absolutely incredible. Would give ten stars if I could, based on my experience.
11 months ago
Mika Lisway
I have called three times over the last four days to request delivery of water and pick up empties. I have not been given a delivery date and I still do not have the order. I am now out of water. I leave messages and calls are not returned. When I signed up I asked that the deliveries be made automatically around the 8th of every month but it never happens, I have to call every time to ask for service.
5 months ago
Jon Lunsford
This is some gooooooood water
10 months ago
Rusin Rusinov
Great staff, they're just relocating, they was nice enough to escort me to the new location & unload me quick
9 months ago
Richard Simons
Great staff and customer service.
11 months ago
Braxton Tate
Usually good at getting you tipped quick on your booking time
11 months ago
Brent Bice
6 months ago

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