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Car wash Coastal Car Wash, 1117 S Dupont Hwy, Dover, DE 19901, United States: 220 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 1117 S Dupont Hwy, Dover, DE 19901, United States
Phone number: +1 302-883-3554

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alex hoyos
I seldom give a five star review. This car wash is the exception. The attention to detail and time spent on my vehicle was amazing. The team each had a roll. The tire and rim guy scrubbed my tire with shine and took a towel to my rim, assuring it was clean. Just a job well done. Money well spent.
3 months ago
Reilly Trammell
Great quality car wash thats definitely worth going to. The employees went above and beyond to make sure that my vehicle was sparkling clean! This gentleman went above and beyond to scrap off dried window paint that was stuck on my windshield. Great customer service!
3 months ago
Tiana McNain
It took a minute trying to pay but someone finally came out to help. The car wash was good ill be going to this one because they take their time your when you get full service. I didn't give a 5 because some spots were missed in the inside but this will be my go to car wash.
3 months ago
Luis Ramirez
Excellent, the staff really works hard to give you the best. They want the great results to give to their customers. Very satisfied ????.
4 months ago
Emma Kearney
Got my car clean. Not a bad price for it.
10 months ago
Tara Schonhoff
So let me first start by saying that my first experience with coastal was a nightmare. At the time I was driving a mk4 Jetta on coils and was told it would fit and I got stuck on my control arm. I was biased to Westside because I worked there. But my girlfriend always comes to coastal and she took my new car there. So A few weeks ago I take my car to west side for the most expensive car wash package that wasn’t a full detail. With all the add-ons and all that And left a good tip. I was HIGHLY Disappointed. for $23 The gentleman at coastal today went above and beyond my expectations and took their time and thoroughly cleaned the car as described. Now I don’t expect a full detail out of a $30 wash however I do expect to get what is the scribe in the wash plan and coastal delivered that and some. Without having to wait in line for an hour like some of the other local car washes. This is definitely my go to car wash area
2 months ago
This is my go to car wash. Friendly staff, good set up.. I usually can get in and out fairly quick... I think for full service wash it's $23 then voluntary tip (which I always try). I would definitely recommend.
7 months ago
Derrick Nash
I chose this place because my friend said it didn't matter if I went here or westside. I cudve got my car vacuumed n tires truly shined not just a sprayed tag for $4 more. I do know y'all did better n good help is hard to find. That day u had a lady running the crew, she's on point.
4 months ago
Jay Ajayi
The best car wash in the state won't go anywhere else
3 months ago
Danny Boyle
Every time we go its a pleasure great job every time
3 months ago
Curtis Curylo
Good job detailing vehicles.. complimentary car wash
2 months ago
Nicole Kaloupek
Great work. It's getting cold out and I'm glad they're around to take care of cleaning my car. They always do great job for me.
8 months ago
Pablo Soto
First time going. I am definitely going to make this my new spot! The staff took their time and did an AMAZING job. Plus it's an added bonus that we get to ride through in the car (the kids love that). Thanks again for a great service!
10 months ago
Hal W
I came here because of the good reviews but I did not have a good experience. They broke the connectors in my floor mat when they ripped them out out of the car and the glass cleaning was so streaked that I had to do it again myself. I also felt like the rags used scratched my car. I had all these little scratches that were not there before this car wash. It was a good price but I guess you get what you pay for.
5 months ago
Ogonna Nwabuikwu
Fast & efficient. Great job!!
2 months ago
Cole Terpstra
Good Cheap place to get your car washed...
3 months ago
Shannan Duncan
I can’t say enough how happy I am that I chose to bring my car here. It wasn’t even this clean when I drove it off the dealer lot. I work from home so my car sat for about a month since we have another small family car, and it formed mold on the carpets and in lots of tight spaces from all of the moisture and heat with all the windows and doors shut. My detailer was so sweet and polite and worked so hard to get my car back in sanitary condition. I will definitely be bringing all of our cars and trucks here for cleanings from now on. They got me in for an appt so fast and updated me as the day went on. HIGHLY recommend!
11 months ago
Low price and great service
3 months ago
Outspoken Degenerate
For me washing my car is like getting my hair cut. I don't just trust anyone to do it. I want to find some place reliable, who will do a good job and whom won't ruin my property. That said as a first time customer I had a good experience with Coastal. There was at least 5 people working on the interior of my SUV and they gave it a lot of attention, maybe spent over 15 minutes. I was very pleased with the service and will be back.
1 month ago
I live in the northern part of Delaware and i will drive all the way down to the car wash they’re always the most professional nice group of people! And they will take their time vacuuming out your car wiping down your windows drying your vehicle the full service is worth every single penny and I send everyone there that wants a gray car wash I own sports cars to luxury cars and I wouldn’t go anywhere else
7 months ago
Aravind Kumaran
5 months ago
Awful. That’s all there is to say. My chrome wheels still have black smudged all over them. Soap was left all over the car. Might as well just let your vehicle sit out in the rain to get clean.
6 months ago
Frankie Oza
If I could give you 10 Stars I would
3 months ago
Tami Valencia
Best ever!! Especially the bots that clean your rims and tires as your vehicle progresses through the wash
8 months ago
Rebecca Conley
Walk away with a brand new feeling car every time. They even cleaned the car seat for my daughter and she was super excited to watch.
10 months ago
Bruce Saffin
Quality service at quality prices.
5 months ago
Godwin Amewu
Coastal Cat Wash goes above & beyond for all of their customers...,
5 months ago
Meagan Caraballo
Absolutely love going to Coastal Car Wash! The staff does an amazing job and the attention to detail is outstanding. Although there are many choices in Dover for car wash services this is the only one for me.
6 months ago
Mike Lucenta
They rush alot an miss things like wheel wells on cars not always clean. Dont like that. Thats one pet pieve i have. You go an see what i mean. Go to dover next to McDonald's just north of carrolls corner an get better deal with money quality.
8 months ago
Brian Hadler
A good place to get a fast car wash at a reasonable price. And you can vacuum your car yourself for free, before taking your car through the wash. I would definitely recommend this location.
1 month ago
Douglas Shaffer
Great access on and off the main road to get a quick wash and dry! For 5 bucks plus don’t forget to tip for the touch up guy for water spots
6 days ago
Jonni Anderson
Best place on earth!
3 months ago
Nalini Mohan
The car has never looked better then after here. They take care of it like it’s there own car. I couldn’t believe that they could make it look that good so fast. No water left on it when I was done. They do except tips so bring some cash they deserve it
6 months ago
javi Rivera
What a great place with really good prices and customer service! We had our car cleaned back in July. Had a small problem but it was fixed. My advice: in case, for some reason, you will have an issue with something, don't hesitate to tell them. They will always fix it with no problem. Great attitude and great service! Thank you Scott and his team! P.S. my husband was so pleased how they handled our problem, that he claimed to take his car to this place to be cleaned as well. So we definitely will be coming back with our other cars to be cleaned! P.S.S. Make sure to leave a tip. These guys are doing very good job for such low prices you pay.
3 months ago
Shawn Lennox
My car was still dirty the front was a mess
4 months ago
Christa P
Love going here, the service is good, the people care about u, very friendly and they work hard! Always greet with a smile!
1 month ago
Emma Karpowich
I just had to write a review of Coastal Car Wash in Dover. About 30 minutes ago, my youngest vomited all his lunch in the car! I called Coastal and Josh happily told me to come on by. They cleaned the car perfectly! Best service with a wonderful attitude - thank you Josh and team!!
3 months ago
Benita Early
Do not use coastal carwash. The manager is a rascist. My car was worse after I left than before I brought it there.
9 months ago
When my car goes through the wash it seems only half of my tires get waxed overall I like the vaccine system thanks
8 months ago
Lucy Myrick
Everytime I go there my car looks new.
7 months ago
john gaitenby
Love them they always do a great job for us on all our vehicles
2 months ago
Jason Mills
Always do a great job
5 months ago
They always do a great job.
9 months ago
Kerry Gardner
Always a great experience and worth the wait to get the wash. Car always comes out clean and ready to go.
11 months ago
Rick Keith
Exterior cleaning is not that great here. The machines didn't really clear off the soapy water. However their interior clean is worth going to this place. And probably its decent priced wash.
3 months ago
Shawn Burks
No one else has given my vehicle the kind of attention this young lady did, she definitely make up for the others. So attentive to detail as if it were her own! Give that lady a raise! AWESOME! My rims are still shining!
4 months ago
Nicole Ashley
Amazing workers car is thoroughly cleaned inside out.
2 weeks ago
Good to see the owner out there scrubbing rims and tires
11 months ago
Varnith Nookala
They do an awesome job everytime... Honestly...
4 weeks ago
Joseph Rusnak
Love the minimal value car wash. Removed all the pollen in the air. Thanks for your service.
2 months ago

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