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Auto parts store NAPA Auto Parts - Genuine Parts Company, 2318 N 90th St, Omaha, NE 68134, United States: 108 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 2318 N 90th St, Omaha, NE 68134, United States
Phone number: +1 402-571-9900

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Владимир Хвальский
Always got our parts good service.. Friendly customer service...
6 months ago
Евгений Солодовников
Excellent customer service! It 2as great to have someone very knowledgeable and the part waiting for me once I got there
11 months ago
Екатерина Гладнева
Never had a problem with their parts, and getting help was as soon as I walked in the door. Simply amazing in client service delivery!
1 month ago
Евгений Гурский
Service is slow. Poor quality customer service. don't recommend.
8 months ago
Александра Лямина
The guys behind the counter actually gave me OUTSTANDING ADVICE.
6 months ago
Kot Puwkov
Closed at 5pm, door was locked at 4:56. Thanks for wasting my time.
6 months ago
Marina Bezhenar
Yoy can't find it they will
9 months ago
Карина Ярв
A decent trip to the parts store... It's never fun to go get replacement parts, but it can be even crappier if you have unintelligent or rude people helping you. But that wasn't the case this trip. The gentleman was pleasant and listened to what I asked for (didn't ask me 3 or 4 times what kind of vehicle it was, or what part I needed) and was diligent in trying to find the part. Unfortunately the store inventory was off (this has happened a couple times over the last couple years at this location 90th and Blondo) so I will have to make a special trip in the morning. But other than that, I will probably be returning to this location, even though there is a competitor about 2 blocks from me.
6 months ago
Елена Лешке
Great spot to get my oil filter supplies and anything else I can do myself.
8 months ago
Лена Андрианова
Very helpful, very professional
8 months ago
Яночка Хлыстова
Gave you guys a bad review (1 star) but maybe it was just an off day at that store. the fact that you responded in a professional manner shows me you do really care about your customers service. So I'm changing my review until I give it another chance at your store, only seems fair.
8 months ago
Иван Грачев
Always helpful...
10 months ago
Яна Шишмакова
Helpful and friendly staff. I went in for wiper blades and they immediately help me pick out the right ones. And without me asking, proceeded out to my big work truck and installed them quickly. Now that's customer service!
9 months ago
Яна Яковлева
Good price on parts, and very friendly helpful service.
10 months ago
Елена Свиридова
Nice store! Well organized. Helpful associates!
6 months ago
Николай Мурашов
Lost one order and couldn’t find another one I prepaid for. Said they were gonna call, weeks later no call. I show up had to hunt to find my order. No luck. Save yourself the trouble and order from rockauto or do autozone or oreillys.
7 months ago
Мария Покровская
Rude people. Okay parts.
4 months ago
Дмитрий Белов
Quality parts, nothing has changed there. That being said they are high priced on alot of stuff. Their selection isn't the best in some areas what they do carry is quality , but there is alot they could carry and don't that you can find at advanced or ORiley's. Sometimes hard to find a qualified person that can visualize what you need from real automotive experience. I personally go to advance auto most of the time or o'rileys then auto zone then napa honestly.
10 months ago
Kirill Fox
The crew I worked with today was very pleasant and they were so helpful
8 months ago
Юлия Рылева
6 months ago
Ирина Дерябина
The cashier has good knowledge of the products. Thank you.
1 week ago
Анастасия Слижевская
Sorry, but the lady who helped me must be new. Not very knowledgeable, and it took her forever to ring me up. Hopefully she gets better. But I wouldn't count on her knowledge of automobiles
2 months ago
Ксения Азарова
Great experienced staff and lots of hard to find stuff like tools parts exc i wish there were more location's like this one
2 weeks ago
Kislotnihek Kislotnihek
Thought I had a bad battery last week and went to Napa on 90th to have it checked. (It's a NAPA)battery . Was told it was good . Bought a new battery charger from them cause I thought my old one was bad. Was told if it wouldn't charge it to come back and they would remove old battery and put in a new one if I purchased from them again. New battery charger did not charge battery so I decided to come back today and get a new battery. Came in and spoke with Paul Smith who I found out later was the manager and he said they wouldn't install the battery. There was no one in the store and 5 people standing around. So obviously upset that I wasted my time I told him would go to Advanced Auto Parts up the street who will take out the old one and put a new one in. And then as I was driving around the back I looked over and here is Paul Smith the manager outside with at least 4 employees putting a Gass grill together.Are you kidding me? Can't put a battery in for a customer who you told their NAPA battery was good and then sold them a NAPA battery charger wich did not charge the NAPA battery I had purchased from you but then when I come in to get another battery from NAPA you can't be bothered to put it in because everybody has to go out back and put their new grill together. If I owned NAPA this manager would be looking for a new job. Much grandpa my dad and now me have been loyal NAPA customers for a long time but not anymore. Have also called all my motorcycle and hot rod friends and told them what happened. Mr Smith you just lost a lot of customers and as a bartender in Benson I will be sure to let all my customers know to stay clear of your business. Enjoy your hamburgers on your new grill and while you are eating maybe brush up on NAPA's customer service manual. Stephen Schulz.
9 months ago
Шамиль Халилулин
Great place very helpful
8 months ago
Никита Стогов
See Lori there she's great
9 months ago
Олег Столбушкин
I have never ever been to Napa before. I have always drove passed it, but never ever went in until I needed something for my truck and needed help to figure out what I had needed for my truck as well. The cashier's and staff were able to help me. Being that I have a foreign vehicle and it being my first as well. They helped me to find what I had needed. I will continue to go to Napa to get what I need and want for my baby (my truck). Thanks Napa for all of your help.
10 months ago
Екатерина Романова
Great auto parts store very accommodating counter help and quality part's
1 week ago
Регина Заботкина
Best auto parts store that I have ever been too
9 months ago
Надежда Самсонова
Usually have the part in stock prices kinda high but good service
10 months ago
Аня Белова
Didn't have what I needed. Didn't waste my time on it either.
9 months ago
Юля Нуриева
So I know that it's common practice to great the customer when they walk in, but not in a rude manner. I came here with my 13 yo niece and 4yo daughter, and they were quite snippy. Not going back.
6 months ago
Андрей Гусев
RIP OFF - do not order from here
7 months ago
Антонина Гулякова
They had the part I needed the price was good to
9 months ago
Евгений Пастухов
Never had a problem with their parts, and getting help was as soon as I walked in the door
8 months ago
Алина Размадзе
They had a odd size tap that I needed. Great service.
9 months ago
Елена Вербицкая
Good prices
4 months ago
Стас Мирохин
Ronie was great to do business with
9 months ago
Юля Лавыш
Fast service with knowledgeable staff. What else could you ask for!
2 weeks ago
Дарья Пригодина
I stopped in on a Wednesdays to get passenger cv axle for my truck. They said I could pick it up Friday. I showed up at 1:00 and they had the driver side. The old man behind the counter said they had one in Bellevue and then walked off to order lunch. I left and checked around the closest place that had one was 50th and Center so I went back into Napa. A young flaky guy behind the county asked how he could help I told him what happened and asked if they could get the part for Saturday. His responce was leave your number if I get around to it I will call you. but he wouldn't know till after 2:00. Most the daylight would be gone by then. So I ended up driving to 50th and Center. I didn't get back to the truck till 4:30 Friday night. Thank you for the help Napa.
1 week ago
Татьяна Федорец
Staff is friendly and helpful
8 months ago
Ирина Харитонова
Great service, had everything I needed!
9 months ago
Олег Адясов
Dig it
9 months ago
Виктория Бузулуцкая
They closed on me before there listed hours
1 week ago
Ольга Шувалова
Knowledgeable people
8 months ago
Илья Вербин
Had what I needed and reasonably priced
9 months ago
Николай Зидиханов
They had everything I needed.
9 months ago
Олег Блажко
Never have the parts you need NEVER!!
6 months ago
Татьяна Кесилёва
3 months ago
Наталья Григичева
They cool
2 months ago

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