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GFL Environmental
Rate: 1.7
Address: 604 Cannery Ave, Townsend, DE 19734, United States
Phone number: +1 302-378-5400

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Latitude: 39.3920631
Longitude: -75.6965713

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Karika Purohit
AVOID THIS SERVICE! As others have mentioned, they are not reliable, not responsive, and not easy to deal with. We have been commercial customers for years and the service has gotten progressively worse. Missed pickups are a regular occurrence which result in overflows (see pic) and inevitably we end up driving our own trash to the landfill. The only response we ever get from our account manager is that she is looking into it. We decided to cancel the service and SURPRISE - I can't get a phone call or email back. There are other services in the area that are both less expensive and more responsive. I do not recommend Waste Industries/GIF.
6 months ago
Kimberly Gooley
This company is about as reliable as the weather, don't show up, never mind the fact that now they've switched the days to recyclable to Tuesday and garage p/ u on Thursday. Today is recyclable driver decided to go through my "waste" and decided to throw fiberboard out across my yard and then leave it. Its fiberboard! The reason I put some pieces on top was to keep the wind from blowing the rest of it all over the neighborhood. They use to be good, now their the worst. Time to move on!
7 months ago
Terrible Delaware Customer Service ever since GFL Environmental bought Waste Industries. Recently, my father and I have made numerous phone calls to your customer service line. After over 30 minutes of waiting or more each time we still have not heard any response from you. We also emailed you. In addition, a few yard waste collections in the past month have not been collected on their proper date or forgotten about all together. Customer Service from your company has become incoherent and ineffective. I understand the coronavirus has taken a toll but after nearly a year I would have thought you would have made corrections to the way your business operates to counteract the effects of the coronavirus on your operation Clearly GFL Environmental does not care about its customers. Their lack of any response is truly embarrassing and points to the fact hat they just don't care in general. I highly doubt that my experience with them will cause them to do a single thing about their atrocious customer service because they just don't care. It seems like GFL never picks up the phone or responds to emails so good luck getting a hold of them... ever. I never had an issue with Waste Industries until GFL Environmental bought them out. STAY CLEAR OF GFL ENVIRONMENTAL UNLESS YOU LIKE WASTING TIME!!
6 months ago
Yuri Trushkov
My trash and recycling were supposed to be picked up on Tuesday and now it's Friday.. I've been trying to call them since Wednesday, left two voice mails and they never called me back.. They better not come up with the excuse that the bins were not on the curb because I have security cameras that prove they were there since Monday night. I'm going to stop using their service
8 months ago
Julie Thornton
There customer on 41st street and market in Wilmington 19802 didn’t pay there bill and there punishing the whole neighborhood by not picking up dumpster till it’s payed. Be more professional pick up the dumpster and put customer in collections!
6 months ago
Kathleen Kennedy
Worst company ever!!! Go with another!!! Horrible to deal with, pick up were always postponed for some reason or another while other companies are rolling down the road. We had enough and cancelled them. Then received a bill from Credit company which we owe nothing!!! If anything they owe us for all the postponed or cancelled pick ups! Very unhappy with this company!!!
5 months ago
Tara White
AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS!! We’ve been trying to schedule a bulk pickup for a couch for MONTHS!! It’s always an excuse that they are short staffed, or it’s the wrong kind of truck or something. They finally gave us 2 Mondays in a row and said if they didn’t pick it up the first Monday, they would the second. Well the second Monday rolled around and they didn’t show at all because of weather. They said next week their probably won’t be any room. Meanwhile we keep having to drag a couch back and forth to the curb every week in hopes they will finally pick it up. We are done. Called 2 other companies and both said if we switch a bulk pickup will be no problem. RUN AWAY from the company!!!!
8 months ago
Franklin Jimenez
Have been a customer for 4 years and since gfl has taken over the service has been unbelievable, I'm set on a biweekly schedule, they so up every week for a month an now they haven't been here for a month ,call an they say someone is on there way ,I'm still waiting, it's been a month Thanks Danny Johnson
4 months ago
Marsha Revere
They were great for years with only a few mishaps. Now they consistently miss picking up trash in our neighborhood. Very disappointing.
8 months ago
Always late. If it snows, forget about your pickup for the week and if it’s recycling that week they miss, it’ll be another 2 weeks. All this and they are 30-40 dollars more that the company I switched to. It’s been 3 weeks and they can’t even bother to pick up their bins. Once GFL took over they have done nothing but resemble their business...trash!
6 months ago
J Van
We've had service with this company for 3 years. We went a couple of years with no issues and then once the pandemic hit thats when the problems started. I understand that everyone was dealing with a pandemic which is the excuse that this company used for their delays. So our pickup day was moved from Thurs to Fri and guess what our trash was still not getting picked up. However when you charge us for a service and don't provide us with service thats a problem. On the weeks when the Recycle trash is schedule to be picked up with the regular trash they picked up the trash and would never come back for the recycle trash. Yet we're still being billed for the recycle trash. If you need more help then they definitely need to hire help and also refund our money for the recycle trash. Our recycle hasn't been picked up for whole month of December. We still have the same Amazon boxes that we had the first week of December. We stay in a community and most of or development uses this company. I called today to ask customer service today to see let them know that one AGAIN, they did not pick up our recycle trash and second when we re they planning on picking up our recycle trash since they sent us a bill for this service that we have paid for. The rep stated that she put in a work order and it would be picked up in a couple of days. So I asked her what dooes she think they will be picking up our recycle bin because we shouldnt have to guess and keep driving around our bin until they come and pick it up. She said she wasnt sure. Then i asked her when were they planning to pick up the recycle trash for the rest of our community and the rep stated not till the 15th. So basically the rest of our neighbors are being charged but not receiving any service. Waste Management is a little bit more expensive than this company but at least we will be getting the service that we pay for. My husband and I both own our own businesses and we would never treat our customers like this. We are very disappointed in how this company does business.
8 months ago
Shelby Haworth
They are horrible. Won’t return calls, have missed my pick up day twice, won’t pick up big items. Switching companies today.
7 months ago
Saman Ahmed
Recycling trash can never picked up. However, neighbor 100 yards away gets his recycling picked up every two weeks without a problem. Have called and asked to speak to a supervisor and phone call never returned. Been put on hold for over 30 minutes after hitting option 3 for household trash. Missed me for two weeks told me that it would be taken off my bill. That never happened. Send my bill down south, should put a letter with it on how bad service is.
4 weeks ago
Shari Benshabat
Worst company you can hire to do your trash,hands down!! I have to call them every week in order to get my trash pick up otherwise it be setting on the curb all week,it really is the worst service you can get!!
7 months ago
Moira Heath
This company has basically shut down customer service. You can not make a bulk pick up. This has been going on for too long, and there is no excuse for no return calls. Don’t leave messages it is waste of time!
4 weeks ago
Nic Hamstra
Horrible service, impossible to get anyone on the phone to resolve issues. Don't use if possible.
6 months ago
Todd Hamilton
This company is awful. Inconsistency in trash pickup, we gotten our trash pick up maybe 1 time a month, when it sound be every week. It takes forever to get someone on the phone and after speaking with one, my trash was not picked up. I canceled services and they refuse to refund me for the remainder of the time paid for.
11 months ago
so sick and disgusted with this company! Don't show up on scheduled days for pickup, maybe because I am the only one on my road left using them (but not for long). Call every night and tell me to leave the trash out they will pick it up tomorrow (over and over) . Days go by with no service. Call and they don't answer or return calls. So done! I have used this company for at least 20 years!
11 months ago
Mahmoud Essam
Why are they doing pickups in residential areas at 3am slamming the darn dumpster multiple times ! I see no other trash company working at these times when people are trying to sleep
6 months ago
Charles Ballard
In general I would say go with another company if possible. Lots of missed pick ups, delays without notification and very difficult to get customer service on the phone. When you do speak to someone they say someone will be out to pick up but no one ever comes.
1 month ago
ibrahim karim
Just don't do it. Terrible since GFL took over.
6 months ago
Lisa Tickle
There have been several weeks over the course of the last year where I have had to call to remind them to pick up my trash. There's also been times where they pick up some of the trash, and leave other cans just sit there. They are obviously lazy and do not want to work or make their customers happy. Find another provider!
9 months ago
Brent Beecham
I forgot to put my trash out this morning so I called, and the truck was in the next development. The agent was able to get the truck on the radio and asked him to come back. And he did. THANK YOU!
6 months ago
Vijaya Kumar
Absolutely awful service. Contacted them three times and nothing was done. We called three different times to arrange pick up of our old arm chair. Each time the lady on the phone was very nice and assured us it would be picked up but it never was! Our apartment complex is going to fine us money now because the chair was not removed.
7 months ago
Joshua McCusker
We were told they aren't doing any special pickups for now and to call back next month. Service has been inconsistent the past few months.
9 months ago
Carolyn Schaeffer
Do NOT I repeat DO NOT go with this company !!! Unless u want your trash and recycling to be left at your driveway for many days .... pick up is on Friday for both and I have to call on Monday to see why it wasn't picked up on Friday, this has happened at least 8 times now and when I do speak to someone they say oh I apologize and they will pick up tomorrow the next day, and again a LIE , so both my wife and I call again and they say oh I apologize they will be out today , and of course no show...
8 months ago
Christina Green
Very unprofessional, driver kicked a bag of trash to other trashman. Did not take trash that was bagged up. When I called in, the driver lied and said there were 20 bags of trash when in fact, there were 8. They refused to come back and get it stating they had to put in a work order for next week. They are not accommodating and are rude. My hold time was 25 min including being put on hold while they called the driver. Worst customer service I've had in years.
1 month ago
shreya ganotra
New customer, new to the area and trying to do the right thing. Spent 30 minutes on hold regarding truck staff ripping open bags of leaves they won’t pick up. I was not going to stay on line and burn any more minutes debating back and forth about whether he did or not. Absolutely piss poor service. I’m paying $78/quarter and most times we don’t even put our cans out because they aren’t full. I don’t care if there is one piece of trash in the can; it will be set out for them to stop and get it. This is how businesses treat you when there is no competition for essential services.
10 months ago
Andrew Payton
I moved in my house and I’m assuming the person that owned it prior left the recycle bin. They actually wanted me to leave the recycle bin in front of my house for up to 2 weeks before someone picked up the can. Very bad business like they don’t have a dispatch to come get cans in f needed?
1 week ago
Ray Dio
No company is ever perfect but I have had a great experience with Waste Industries in terms of reliability in pick up and customer service each and every time I call. Only one interaction with a billing issue that somehow did not get paid was uncomfortable but again, the local reps straightened it out and made me feel completely reassured it was not my fault. I like this company and plan to keep them for a long time to come. Thank you!
5 months ago
Tavish Phillips
I manage Blue Earl Brewing Company in Smyrna, and can't say enough great things about GFL, and their services. Our pick ups are always on time, and the trash bin is always emptied with the area surrounding clean. I also live in a residential area behind a business. They have maneuvered their times so the people of our road aren't inconvenienced! If you want a company to go above and beyond for you, look no further!
8 months ago
Alma Jones
My experience has been top notch, very reliable, no problems at all. Would highly reccomend.
4 months ago
Misty Blue
Friendly and awesome customer service!
3 days ago
Alejandra Perez
Don’t know what else to do about the trash pick up in my community trash from dumping can covering the road, guys drive to next stop and spill trash from can again proceed to next stop return and exits the road where road is trashed unbelievable this has happened several times. I have pictures each time it happens bad just bad business
5 months ago
marie turner
Driver was very very rude & acted better than anyone else! There was a car parked along the street & instead of stopping before it after the car she parked next to it so no one could get thru & they both took their time like we don’t have anything better to do & that our time isn’t valuable! I started by asking her to park before or after & she just went on. I’ll tell all my neighbors about that. There are plenty more trash companies in this neighborhood
6 months ago
Tanushree RoySarkar
Worse company ever. PLEASE BEWARE....MAKE SURE YOU CANCEL YOUR AUTO PAY AFTER YOU CANCEL YOUR SERVICE. I canceled my service September 2018 because we moved out of state and sold our home. I was told I was paid until November which was fine. I scheduled them to pick up my bins and my service was canceled. Why did I wake up today with a quarterly charge on my bank account? They don't tell you on the phone when you cancel that you have to cancel it yourself online if you are on auto pay. I canceled my cable and my power in my Delaware house and my auto pay was canceled with those services why not my trash. I am sure they do this so they can keep collecting from the people who don't catch the money being taken out of their account. Crocks!! Once an account is canceled in most cases the online access is canceled as well. If I ever move back to Delaware I will stay far away from the trash company. I should of looked at the other reviews first. I am not sure how this company is still is business with such a low rating.
8 months ago
Diana Cortes
Great team! Much easier to work with when compared to others. Fulfilled all my needs fast. if you want quality and fast service, it is the address you looking for.
1 day ago
i am very happy with this the beginning they had a glitch or two but now i couldn't be happier. so nice to deal with and always picks up when they are due. they are never short or unpleasant on the phone. in fact, it is the complete opposite....they are friendly, and very helpful and polite.
4 months ago
Jessica Goldsmith
Yard waste has only been picked up one time this summer and it was by the trash pick up man after I called and complained. After that the yard waste is again not being picked up. Called on Monday was told it should have been picked up (well obviously) and that a truck would be by. Monday no truck, call on Tuesday and am told that the truck is scheduled for today...great!!! Tuesday no truck. We have yard waste maybe 4 months of the year and to be paying and not receiving a service is absolutely ridiculous!
7 months ago
Anwar Obeid
The driver on struck 10802 is clearly over worked. Every single week he is constantly leaving trash behind. We just move to another house in the town that we live in and I had Boxes neatly broken down in stacked up inside of each other that had trash with them. He left them all behind in said we had to wait till the following week to get the boxes removed. He was also arguing with my wave telling her that there is only one trash can for that property that we are living on but there are 2 apartments there in the Cans are clearly marked for which property they are.
6 months ago
Sigrid Butler
My neighbors and I have had issues with Waste Industries servicing dumpsters on residential streets in Trolley Square at 4:45 am (waking everyone up - dumpster slamming is really loud and in violation of city noise ordinance!) - We called and wrote e-mails frequently but nobody was helpful/responsive and the staff on the phone was rude. So my neighbor wrote a letter to the boss, Kristy Sweet. So far she and her office has been super helpful and working to address this issue. - Thus I’m giving her and her business the benefit if doubt at 4/5. I will update soon.
5 months ago
Annabelle Lewis
Substandard Service. Do not recommend if you live in the Claymont, DE zip code. Was recommended to me, noticed most of my neighbors did NOT have a Waste Industries trash can but tried them anyway. I would have thought that since they didn't have many service opportunities in my area they would have provided good service to try and get more new accounts with the recent growth in Claymont, but not so. Seems like a disconnect between front office and actual service provided. They needed another truck to do the area instead of trying to pick up trash at 6pm on a Friday, which is not gonna work with people who have been working since 6am. Do NOT recommend for Claymont DE. They do alright w Brandywine Hundred but I guess my area didn't make their list for providing dependable service. So I changed and they won't refund you even if you cancel mid-stream, but I needed trash pickup so I took that loss. Dissapointed.
10 months ago
Amy Mia
I put a storm door out for pickup and it was left behind. When I called I was told I had to prearrange pickup. I don’t consider a storm door a large item, but evidently Waste Industries does. With the previous company, you were permitted one large item with no call! A sofa, a table, etc., could be left out! I doubt they would have considered a storm door a large item. I will definitely be looking for a more customer friendly company!
4 months ago
David Spinks
They overcharge for extra items you may have plus they don't always put the can standing up and it's in the street with lid open and it's raining so your trash can can fill up with nasty water in it!
5 months ago
Horrible customer service! I called billing to ask why my quarterly bill increased without notice. The female who answered was so rude. I could not deal with her attitude and I just hung up. Needless to say there was no solution to my concern.
5 months ago
Gokul prasad
Absolutely useless. Almost every week the truck blows by our cans in Bellefonte, despite numerous emails informing them of missed pickups. Our municipality uses Waste Industries, so we can't drop them, but my neighbors and I will be pushing local officials to drop the contract as soon as possible. We've had Evergreen Waste Services in the past and they were wonderful, they came out in snow where as Waste Industries won't come out in even the lightest dusting. Complete waste of taxpayer dollars.
6 months ago
David Laughon
I signed up for COMMERCIAL waste services 10/2017 for my company in New Castle, DE. The Account Manager was very professional, and knowledgeable. I contacted my rep several times for additional services and things were taking care of promptly. Service has been outstanding, I would DEFINITELY RECOMMEND this company for your commercial waste removal needs.
8 months ago
Maya Ravensong
I've found WI to be a very good service. They are reliable and professional and worked with me to reduce my monthly bill. Very pleased!
8 months ago
Kelly Littlemore
really gone to the dumps since they were econo haul.
5 months ago
Danna Carlton
Hello I have been a customer for 29years when my neighbor call me while I was away and said my trash cans were missing. I called Waste Industries to ask if they knew what happen to my cans, they said they removed them because I miss a payment, they said they tried to reach me on the phone but mailbox said it was full. I ask what number they had and informed them that I had called and ask them to remove that number and they should call my cell because I will always answer that number. So I paid the bill online and customer service said I would have to pay and additional $40 bring the cans back out. It was my fault for missing a payment I totally over looked. I believe being a customer of 29yrs they could of went the extra mile and dropped a re minder in my mailbox or left a note on the can. Our development will be moving to one trash company in 2019 and wanted recommendations I will NOT recommend them. I now understand why you only have a rating of 1.9. Disappointed after 29ys.
4 months ago

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