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Tax Chicks
Rate: 4.7
Address: 1037 S Dupont Hwy, Dover, DE 19901, United States
Phone number: +1 302-674-1585

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 39.1448707
Longitude: -75.5163269

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Von Swayley
Terrific organisation! We have been with them for many years for both business and personal taxes. The staff is friendly, helpful and polite. Sandy Gulledge is the best in helping you find the best tax solutions for you. They have been phenomenal during the pandemic and all the special funds available through the government. They stayed up to date and very knowledgeable on all the changes in the past year.
8 months ago
emily lom
My family and I have been with the Tax Chicks for our accounting needs for over 10 years. Sandy and her staff are very knowledgeable and helpful. Sandy is a Guru and knows all the tax rules and she gives you the personal attention that you need for your taxes... We highly recommend this firm for all your tax services needs.
10 months ago
Gene Starwind
My family has used this firm for several years for both our personal and business tax preparing. They have guided and advised us on many tax matters. They are prompt and knowledgeable, I would definitely recommend them.
10 months ago
Whitney Green
Tax Chicks makes doing your taxes,with out pain. Sessions are one hour and all the questions are answered on your individual return. Tax Chicks are a good value and professional
8 months ago
Jeff Mann
Great service, friendly people always willing to help! I love supporting our local companies!
10 months ago
terry herring
Great service and knowledgeable people. I would definitely recommend.
8 months ago
Have used Taxchicks for years and they are on top of everything concerning tax laws etc. Efficient and friendly staff.
9 months ago
Marc Laurin
Always a pleasure to deal with! Sandy and her staff are the Best!!!
10 months ago
Brandon Sutton
They charged too much money for what I needed done, more than 3 times what I use to pay before moving here. They kept my documents for 2 weeks. I had to contact them to inquire about not hearing from them.
11 months ago
R Martin
We've been with Tax Chicks since 2018 and they've been nothing but professional and thorough. We're looking to many more years
10 months ago
Bobbi Smiley
Tax Chicks has been our accountant and go to place for over s decade. I could not say enough about Sandy and her staff always the extra mile for their clients.
8 months ago
Magda Beyley
Proficient, knowledgeable, friendly and personal. Well-organized, highly-trained staff, with excellent portal to collect needed information. Appointments are time well-spent. Schedules are met. Service is affordable.
8 months ago
Gloria Ritchie
We have been going to Tax Chicks for 4 years! Sandy and her staff are knowledgeable and professional! They provide exceptional customer service! We highly recommend going here!
9 months ago
Sandra and her team with the support of an Adocate managed to rescue my 2018 refund by early February of this year. Because of the delay from the IRS I not only received my refund, but with interest. Trust me forget the interest - the anxiety of dealing with the IRS is heartburn enough. Thanks to Sandy and her team - it all worked out fine!
7 months ago
Jacob Sweeney
Went to Tax Chicks after years of H.R. Block. Not that Block did poor by us, but with our retirement and social security disability issues and my teaching pension, I felt it best to find a CPA. What a great job they did! They are fast, professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. Special thanks to the Tax Chicks and to my daughter for finding them!
2 weeks ago
Marc Christensen
Love this crew of Ladies. Sandy ALWAYS sets us straight on our tax matters and is just a warm and wonderful person. Doesn't even yell when we're late ;-) Reasonably priced too. Just try working with her instead of those computer programs. You'll go back to her year after year.
7 months ago
Christine Smith
Glenna & Sandy do an AWESOME job with all of my family member’s taxes! My wife and I have been going to tax chicks for over 3 years and have always received outstanding customer support not only during the tax season but also all year long as we call often with many complicated tax questions. Glenna always knows the answers very quickly and has saved my family a lot of money due to her vast experience. If you want to save taxes (and money) TAX CHICKS is the best tax planner my family has ever been to. No matter where I move to I will always have Tax Chicks do my taxes. They are worthy of many more stars :)
7 months ago
Brett Elmore
Go here every year. Glenna provides great service year after year. She helped us out after a bad tax experience with one of the big chains and never looked back. Love their personal service.
7 months ago
sherry phillips
Our first visit to Tax Chicks was a pleasant surprise. We were treated like family and was not over priced. We will be repeat customers for sure. Thanks Sandra
7 months ago
Matt Marks
Have been using these folks for several years... They are not only professional, responsive and pleasant they are also reasonable. I would highly recommend them to anyone for tax advice and returns.
3 months ago
Lauren McGill
Sandra is our main resource for tax related matters. We could not be more satisfied with her services and the broad base of knowledge and experience that serve us so well.
4 months ago
Oakley Miller
Would not use them again. Waited 4 months to finally get my state refund from DE, only to get $200 less than I was promised. My experience is that they are unqualified to handle complex returns, such as someone living in DE, but working in MD. Very disappointed.
1 month ago
anime watts
Love these ladies!
7 months ago

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