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Federal government office TSA, 1102 E Hartman Ave, Omaha, NE 68110, United States: 8 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 1102 E Hartman Ave, Omaha, NE 68110, United States
Website: tsa.gov
Phone number: +1 571-227-2829

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Юрий Крючков
A profoundly worthless experience. I never expected tyranny to be so utterly bad.
3 weeks ago
Влад Иванов
It's pretty disgusting that one of the "supervisors" some young douche named Derek took it upon himself to memorize my girlfriend's name and her friends' names and look them up on social media. I believe even took one of their phone numbers off a bag and added them on Snapchat. This is what the TSA hires? Disgusting. It's a breach in our trust, the public trust that federal employees look us up because they want to. It's disgusting.
5 months ago
Наталья Полякова
Pervy Supervisor named Derek looked my step daughter up after we went through the airport. You're lucky we don't sue.
5 months ago
Евгений Решетников
Is it possible to leave no stars... Worst TSA group ever. Clearly they pick and choose who they want to harass. Very rude group of people, terrible customer service, weekend security, wannabe tough guys and gals. You can tell they we’re ALL bullied in high school.
6 months ago
Александр Чулин
Literally the worst TSA pre-check service ever! I travel around the country every week but this is my first time through the Omaha airport. Most of the employees are incredibly rude and very inefficient. The TSA lady spent over 10 minutes to perform a bag check. Scrubbing each item several times as if she was cleaning it and not just looking for dangerous residue. 3 other people standing around doing nothing because they only have 1 table to do bag checks in the pre-check line. After this experience I would rather spend hours driving to another airport outside of Nebraska than deal with this level of rude customer service
5 months ago
Виктория Петрова
Clueless and slow staff and management.
5 months ago
Анастасия Моисеева
I showed up well in advance of my flight. It took 30 minutes to get to the TSA Security checkpoint with less than 25 people in front of me. This was due to only one conveyor belt working. The TSA Precheck lane had barely any customers. After more than a half dozen passengers behind me started freaking out the Precheck lane was used to speed things up. 30 minutes to check in less than 25 people!! You have to do better than this. The level of stress induced because there weren't enough people to man the other conveyor was totally avoidable. Get it together please!! Omaha Eppley has to be the slowest check of any airport i visit.
7 months ago
Петр Мигунов
Always helpful, always professional.
8 months ago

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