Garbage collection service Ameri-Tex Services Inc.

Garbage collection service Ameri-Tex Services Inc., 311 W Main St, Whitehouse, TX 75791, United States: 220 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 311 W Main St, Whitehouse, TX 75791, United States
Phone number: +1 903-839-1800

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Brad Szczesniak
Very poor customer communication. Was sent an email with amount due and a date,nothing about suspension of service just a date and an amount. Did not pick up trash and made no attempt to help me get it picked up. Instead wanted me to wait a …
4 months ago
Monique Bradley
I wouldn't use this trash service. They open our lid and marked it as picked up. Then the neighborhood dogs got into the trash. I called the day it wasn't picked up but our neighbor in the same duplex was, was told that it still might be …
5 months ago
David Quinn
I set up a service on 3/3. My account was charged minutes after I got off the phone. Trash cans arrived 3/8. I was told I could set bags out. They would be picked up. Didn't happen. I put bags in the new trash cans that evening. Monday 3/15 …
3 months ago
Diane Moody
They've been then most reliable, best valued, and most pleasant sanitation company that I've ever dealt with.
4 months ago
I wouldn’t recommend this service. Pickup is never on time. Started out good but has become inconsistent.
3 months ago
mauricio aquino
I found them to have poor customer service relating to weather issues. If they miss pickup- no compensation/credit is given. It’s like being charged for services that weren’t provided.
4 months ago
Dee Cole
I have been a customer for over 12yrs! But these last 4 yrs since Ameritex bought out Tabor Sanitation i have experienced nothing but frustration from this company, about every 6months i have to call them to remind them to pickup up our …
6 months ago
Very good functioning business. Easy to work with and friendly knowledgeable staff. Very efficient running from what I can see.
6 months ago
kawther Alzaidi
Never had picky trash men before. They are specific about which type of trash they will pick up. Total BS in my opinion!!!!!! I thought trash companies picked up trash and no it was not chemicals!
6 months ago
Katrina Boozer
Do not use these people!!! Most frustrating experience I have ever had. Used them nearly 2 years ago for a total of 3-4 months. Never received a bill. When you call, you get an answering machine. I come home one day and my trash bin is …
9 months ago
Horrible service. Use them if you want your collection late and or missed and your container in the ditch.
3 months ago
Robb Hinds
If you’re looking for dishonest, deceitful, lying employees and management that couldn’t care less about their customers, then you’ve found the right company. This is a den of lying vipers! But not to worry, they’ll wish you a “Blessed Day” in lieu of fulfilling their commitments, which should make you feel much better.
11 months ago
manoj tammineni
I wanted to give a huge shout out to Cortney who went above and beyond at our house getting our trash bins ! They weren’t brought all the way down and he went out of his way to grab them and empty them and an extra box and he didn’t have to. So THANK You SO MUCH FOR DOING AN EXCELLENT JOB!!!!
10 months ago
Alex Forman
Excellent! They work hard and are very polite
5 months ago
Kaitlyn Groshong
Trash pickup service. Great folks and they do an outstanding job. On time, every time, no hassles! Thank you!!
4 days ago
Leonard Chatham
Ameri-tex has came up to the house to get our dumpster on several occasions when we forgot to set it out. This morning the guy even returned it back to the house after dumping it. Awesome customer service.
10 months ago
Ignas Varkala
Have used this service for many years. Was happy until I had a missed pickup. Now I get to experience the run-around. Will probably be looking for a competitor. I would rather pay more for excellence!
4 months ago
Dmitry Sokolov
What a great experience with customer service rep Kristina. I called to cancel our service since we will be relocating . Kristina was very professional and took care of all of my questions and concerns. Great customer service keep up the good work. You deserve a purple heart ???????? Be blessed.
2 months ago
Bill Trout
They dont pick up on time, they will leave trash scattered everywhere that fell out of their truck, and they just skip your house when they feel like it. They have horrible customer service. It is the worst thing I have ever seen or experienced in my life.
3 months ago
Linda Fore
I had Ameritex for several years and had great service, however the 2nd time around I used them my garbage was picked up 1 time with in a month's billing. And the billing continued for 2 more month's without disposal of garbage I called …
1 month ago
shawn ramsey
Great company. Got extra can and still lower monthly than previous company. Gave senior discount. Always on time pickup. Cans are placed back on edge of road with lids closed when empty.
3 months ago
Jaelle Payoute
Some folks think trash companies are a dime a dozen; not Ameri-Tex! What awesome service, rain or sunshine they are always on duty to pick up our trash. What a great service they do. Recommend them HIGHLY!
4 months ago
Ali Alrdini
Amazing company. The staff is very friendly, and the and the drivers are helpful and friendly. I have seen very few companies with such good service
3 months ago
Fatima Siddiqui
The "cheap" price of their pickup is for a reason. They can show up at 6:00 a.m. or they can show up at 6:00 p.m. No rhyme nor reason for pickup times and good luck getting customer service. Run from this bunch.
11 months ago
Mohammed Alotaibi
BBB files indicate that this business has a pattern of complaints concerning billing or collection issues, service issues, product issues and sales practice issues. Complaints submitted include a delay or no business response to inquiries. …
2 months ago
Tasha A
NEVER seen as poor of a company in all my 45 years. They have no concerns for the safety of their employees, no concern for the safety of others sharing the roadway, and the upper management could give a fly flip on listening to customers …
3 months ago
Gloria Martinez
Great business! Always a pleasure to speak to the employees. Today I spoke with a miss Cassie and she helped me understand my billing and payment dates. Much appreciated!
8 months ago
Veronica Torrez
This is the worst "company" ever. Poor management. Customer service skills dont exist here. Have had their service for a couple years. Started out bad, and still continues to disappoint. They throw things out of the bin. Leave spilled trash …
3 months ago
Joshua Sestak
Cassandra did not help me with my problem and then hung up on me! The driver said my trash wasn't out at the road at 11:02 am, and it absolutely was out, the night before.
3 months ago
Carin Forero
Our Ameri-Tex Team is awesome. They take care of us and are always so very friendly and go out of their way to make certain we are happy. Derrick, Cory, Chassity and Callie are always so helpful and wonderful.
4 months ago
Anna Tsisarzh
Heather is great. Easy to deal with. The reviews are either 5 star or 1 star. I have moved 3 times in the past 5 years and so far this company has been the easiest, and cheapest. I think one's service is highly dependent on the driver you get for your route. But that's true with all trash companies.
2 months ago
Charles Dickey
I am of an old age and on a fixed income I was not able to pay my bill on time. The young lady Alana helped me to set my payment out a few days. This helped me very much. My service has always been great Always on time and the pick up crew …
3 months ago
Bill Lacava
Had Ameritex take over jireh sanitation. Had more issues with my property in town than out in the sticks. Had my pick ups missed but picked by Friday if I called. Just recently started picking up our trash in the early morning instead of …
4 months ago
Ms Knight
Ameri-Tex took over out trash pick up. I called to set up auto pay and see what info they needed to get me started. Cassandra answered the phone and was very polite, friendly, and knew exactly what she was doing. The call took less than …
3 months ago
Marshall Doane
Called in and dealt with someone named Cassandra and I mentioned I needed a pick up and she was quick go out of her way to see if she could do something about it for me. I just really appreciated that type of customer service.
4 months ago
William Boston
Kristina Baker helped me with my service and was absolutely amazing. She was caring and extremely helpful. I was very pleased with the service she offered.
3 months ago
Poffy Hsun
We have only used this company for a couple of weeks but about 3:30 this morning a motorist hit mine and my neighbor’s mailboxes and trash bins. I called about another trash bin and spoke to Christina and even though I thought they would …
5 months ago
Dan Ketcham
My pickup day is on Friday. Trash was not picked due to road construction in the area that morning. There was no construction that afternoon. I called on monday to find out when they were coming to pick it up. I have two full cans...they …
3 months ago
Thomas Segura
I just want to thank the men for their hard work
1 month ago
rupesh patel
I’ve been hanging in there but, it’s already Saturday afternoon and no trash pick up. Out of last three weeks, counting today, they’ve only picked up once. ???? I would estimate that over the entire period of being a customer, they probably average 5 weeks of pickups out of 6.
4 months ago
Doris R
Well I am glad some people like this company, we do NOT! I miss Tabor sanitation's. This company bought them out, and they couldn't get their act or billing together for about a year. This entire time they have been dumping the trashcan …
3 months ago
Elizabeth Neff
I have been paying my bill online even at 3am night before pick up and they have always picked up my trash until today I find out that they hand out list of pickup at 3pm previous day. So since I have paid my bill +late fee they still won't …
3 months ago
Ralf Olonson
I have had this company for over 2 years an not one time have I ever been missed an the driver that runs my route is great has gone over an beyond to help me out a few times!! I think they are doing a AWESOME job!!
8 months ago
Kristine Gift
Consistently leave garbage in the can or on the road/ my driveway. When they miss your pickup it’s nearly impossible to get them back out or your account credited. Asking the customer service representative to speak to a manager or …
2 months ago
Angela Farr
2nd time in 4 months they refused to pick up trash. One tiny piece of drywall on the top IN A BOX and they left a whole can of bagged trash. Lazy lazy people. There are other options. I should have canceled last December when they did this.
5 months ago
mario gracas
I spoke with a young lady there named Cassandra to set up my services with Ameritex and was so very sweet & helpful. And I just want to say thank you.
2 months ago
Oakley Cassiday
Set up service with Chassity. She was very helpful and kind. So far they have picked up every day they are supposed to. *Edit. Used to be able to get a hold of them if there was an issue now you are on hold forever. Still good but customer service has declined.
1 week ago
Sara Iverson
I just started services with this Company and spoke with a miss Casandra. She was so very sweet and informative about anything I had a question about. And it didn’t take but no time at all to get set up! Thank you Casandra!
2 months ago
Bernard Garcia
I've used these guys for a few years now.........they do the job. I checked around and Ameri-Tex is the CHEAPEST around and the phone is answered by a real person if you ever have any issues and they are quick to make things right. It's trash pick up..........what more can you ask for.
4 months ago
Loretta Pierce
The last person who rented this house didn't pay the bill and now they won't give me a trash can or a refund on what I've already paid them. Horrible company and extremely rude! I'm not paying $68 of someone else's bill! Completely outrageous!!
2 months ago

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