Port authority Hamilton-Oshawa Port Authority

Port authority Hamilton-Oshawa Port Authority, 1621 Simcoe St S, Oshawa, ON L1H 8J7, Canada: 214 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 1621 Simcoe St S, Oshawa, ON L1H 8J7, Canada
Website: hopaports.ca
Phone number: +1 905-576-0400

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arshi mahajan
We have such a beautiful port, i love our beach, its awesome for families. But my most favorite part is seeing the big ships.
7 months ago
Tim Pugliese
Great place to people watch or go for a walk. Dont think i'd go swimming there though
2 months ago
Peyton Howell
A busy place whether the east side or west with vessels coming in with product for construction, farming, or road safety. The longshoremen and the stevedores work well and are observed so that surfaces are sanitized constantly to lessen the risk of Covid 19.
3 months ago
RealChinnyFeaster ye
One of my favorite places to just sit and relax! ???? Loved this place a long time growing up around there.
6 months ago
Edward LaFlam
I go there just about every day it's lovely down there it's about three degrees cooler than it is at home in Oshawa so you can cool off down there you can pack a picnic stay there all day or they have ice cream trucks they have a little restaurant there fish french fries poutine you name it they have it down there and there's always lifeguards on duty from 11:30 until 6 p.m. so the children are safe with them if you need help so I think that covers all bases there's parking it's free and it's wheelchair accessible even to go right on to the beach they just put this new blue tarp down for wheelchairs to go right on to the beach it is wonderful to see handicapped people going on to the beach so come on down everybody
8 months ago
jason noh
Nice open park atmosphere right on the north shore of Lake Ontario. There is a large playground and a splash pad for the kids. A snack bar and washrooms are on site as well as a pier you can walk out on. There is a beach for swimming and there is a lifeguard on duty during the days on weekends as well as daily throughout the summer months. Also you can head down on Canada day every year for vendors, a midway, games, food trucks and a great fireworks show that usually commences around 9:30 pm. Needless to say, there is a little something for every member of the family down at The Port of Oshawa & Lakeview Park.
6 months ago
Sandrine Malard
The best recreating spot in the city of Oshawa, no cap. The place of full of green big trees, beautiful walking paths maintained. You will instantly fall in love???? with the sea and won't be able to control your urge to on the rocks and experience the divine water of the beach. The sand will serve as your canvas for drawing with your favourite finger. You might feel bad when water waver slowly take away your sand art☺. Don't forget to pick up pebbles and try to throw them in sea as far as you can. If you would be lucky and the weather is little windy then that's gonna blow your mind- the feeling letting yourself near the water shore on the rock with winds blowing- can only be experienced not explained. Don't wait to go to Lakeview Park (the port of oshawa).
3 months ago
william christopher
Bring your family, fishing rod or guitar. One of my personal favorite places to go for a walk with the Mrs.
2 months ago
Jennifer Corona
I love this place. It is beautiful. Very good place to relax with friends and family.
3 months ago
Venkat M
It's a nice beach with food vendors, picnic tables, and kids park.
6 months ago
Henry Garcia
Good place for a walk and some pier fishing. Too bad they close the pier at the slightest indication of winds. It will remain closed for rest of the day even though the winds subside.
3 months ago
Destiney DuCharme
Cannot go wrong with walking by Port of Oshawa with yourself kids or the dog always have a good walk down their!
3 months ago
Gene Sanders
Gates closed on pier! Liability u say. Most marinas with piers have no safety railing. Use at own risk. People have fished there for decades. Walked and visited all four seasons. The city dropped the ball on this issue at hand. Suits thinking they know whats best for the public. Now people are criminals cause they want to be out and enjoy Mother Nature. Going around the gates.. Thought we were free in this country. Nope think again... Very disappointing....
2 months ago
Cole Norton
It's very quiet and you can gather your thoughts
3 months ago
Robert Ward
Nice place to come relax after a Long day of work , or you can come with the family.
5 months ago
It was a good morning at the beach. Go early skip the crowds
6 months ago
Joe Pierce
It is a lovely walk in Lakeview Park. Path is cobblestone so not all that comfortable for someone in a wheelchair. Often you can watch a ship being unloaded or people kite surfing. There is a large beach and lots of greenspace.
3 months ago
Love going down there.We take our dog Ruby with us.Beautiful veiw.
8 months ago
Angel Montana
Nice place that would be better if the grounds weren't so wet..and washrooms cleaner and better food options and vendors.
6 months ago
Savannah Merriott
Nice beach and park. Great for families.
6 months ago
Malachi Cruz
Flooded really high water but nice beach
3 months ago
Nick Goody
Great place to go and chill and unplug your brain. Lots to look at between the lake, the boats, and other.... scenery (weather dependent).
8 months ago
Evelyn Dodson
Beautiful any time of year
5 months ago
Marilyn Foreman
A stunning park with so much to offer. Such a beautiful sight to see the sunset coming through the trees there. Love it!
2 months ago
Nicholas Glenn
Its not a public space. Its right beside lakeview park in Oshawa. At times, you can see berthed ships along the port shore while walking through park trails.
3 months ago
Emily Lim
This place could really be turned into a great spot. For now watch out for dirty syringes...
5 months ago
Lara Day
Its nice, but was way too busy for me. The french fry building across the Street are very good.
5 months ago
Krizia Jimenez
It's the beach. I love this place!!
3 months ago
Mike Fahlenkamp
Not a bad spot. Nostalgic for me.
4 months ago
Cristina Puzio
Great playground for the kids and decent washrooms.
3 months ago
Midknight Mechanics
closes down at 10 pm and pay security til 6 am . why pay for this park we should be able to use it when ever especially with security there what a waste of money if you don't take advantage of them
3 months ago
vilcu adrian
Great place to take the family for a fun day. Or a evening stroll
2 months ago
New upgrades Done lots of clean up A new bridge and trail Great place to visit and see the water fowl Bird watchers have a better view now without trudging through long scratching grass
2 months ago
Sarah Watson
Good view of lake Ontario, green parks and walking trails
5 months ago
Gage White
Great place to chill. Love watching the ships being loaded and unloaded.
8 months ago
Tyler Austin
Awesome place, just look out for the squirrels!
6 months ago
Chris Sulda
Nice little museum....will be better in the future
5 months ago
Musu Khatun
My favorite beach anytime of the day or night. Beautiful sunrises and sunsets.
2 months ago
Scott Stattler
Great Park and beach area. Has lifeguards during the summer and a splash pad and playground. Concession stand and washrooms.
10 months ago
Pat Bennett
Cool place to see..nice beach
4 months ago
Emily Best
Love the pier. Lots f good memories too. Beautiful view.
11 months ago
Tonette Muell
Great place for a photoshoot
4 months ago
Courtney Brewer
Beautiful with lots of space but is still oshawa. So you dont have the greatest people.
6 months ago
Amazing park and beach
4 months ago
Seamus Currie
Sounds of nature. Natural waterfront. Nature.
6 months ago
Karl Wilcox
Beautiful space on the water. Good for walks, picnics, a playground for kids, and lots of sports fields.
6 months ago
Ivan Egorov
Always go here for walks very nice
2 months ago
sabrina stewart
Would be great if public washrooms were available in winter
6 months ago
nancy lu
We love the views there.
4 months ago
Marvin Garrido
Shipping dock mostly steel products
6 months ago