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Auto repair shop Steve's Auto Repair, 927 Halstead Blvd, Elizabeth City, NC 27909, United States: 20 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 927 Halstead Blvd, Elizabeth City, NC 27909, United States
Phone number: +1 252-338-4747

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keila zakharov
DO NOT GO HERE!! I have been through a 6 month fiasco after dealing with this shop. I was out of state and my wife stated that she heard a weird noise so took it here. They then told her that the throw out bearing was going bad. We verified this was incorrect, but the sound persisted so she brought it back. This time they stated that the cause was from the front wheel bearing going bad. So we had them replace both fronts. During the fix, they stated the CV shaft on one side was “bad” (likely broke it during disassembly), so we had them repair it. My wife had to bring it back again due to a severe braking chatter, the one mechanic started to lift the car without the arms under the one side of the vehicle. Then on a final test drive another mechanic showed her how to shift without a clutch and said it’s unnecessary to use a clutch when shifting. We just brought the car to another shop and they told us the CV axle Steve’s “repaired” is leaking grease and needs to be replaced, and the “brand new” front right wheel bearing is bad. This place is awful, they are overpriced and do terrible work. SAVE YOUR MONEY AND SANITY AND GO ANYWHERE ELSE!!
3 months ago
Stacy L
Hometown fill and I loved the family atmosphere with him and his wife
5 months ago
Max Rpm
Our car stopped working in Elizabeth City In the middle of a thunderstorm/flooding late at night. We got so lucky with Steve as he saved the day by towing us and on top of it, he looked at our car, found the problem and took us to his garage after he called his son to help fixing the issue with the car. This kept him and his wife and son way after usual working hours on a saturday night. A million thanks to Steve and his family for a very professional and dedicated service and putting a smile on our face as we were able to drive to our destination instead of spending the night in a hotel!!
11 months ago
Kaitlyn Conner
Very bad experience there, they smile in your face but do the complete opposite, didn't even want to look at my car for a 15$-35$ fix for my AC system
2 months ago
Moorthy Govindaraj
Needed car repairs & someone told me about Steve's. He didn't charge me after checking out what the problem was and referred to an import car repair shop. He does really good work and he and his wife Debbie are honest people, very easy to work with!
10 months ago
Valentinami Gorbacheva
I was traveling through NC and my car stopped working in Elizabeth City so I towed it to Steve. He checked it out and told me what the issue was and where I needed to go to get it fixed (AT NO CHARGE). I would recommend this mechanic to anybody looking for someone who is honest and knows what they are doing.
8 months ago
En Esstah
I was there for an oil change and it took 2 hours. He said the last person that changed my oil put too big of a plug in so it’s probaby stripped but he saw no sign of a leak. If I do then I’ll have to spend $300 on a pan- without including labor. It cost me $57 for him to change the oil. That’s ridiculous. As I’m paying for this, his wife tells me he normally doesn’t do oil changes because they don’t buy oil in bulk so it costs more for them... and they normally tell people to bring their own oil and filter and just charge them for the labor- something he could’ve mentioned on the phone yesterday when I called to make an appointment. Next time I’ll just go across the street and get Firestone to change my oil for $19.99.
4 months ago
orlan salazar
This place charge you like a dealer. Their mark-up on the part was double and charged me double the book labor to replace a starter on my van. Total cost was over $100 more than any other shop. Charged me $22 environmental fee for a 3-bolt installation job. Get a final price from them before you take your car there. I had to have my vehicle towed and feel that they have taken advantage of my situation.
2 months ago
Jacob Phillips
Excellent work done, along with excellent customer service and care for your vehicle. Anyone in the area should check out Steve's Auto for work done to their vehicle. Definitely 5 stars!!!
10 months ago
Wetime Eutsler
Great service and a fair price
5 months ago
Redd Foster
Steve and his help did a great job on removing and replacing my engine and transmission and installing a new one for me . His labor prices are reasonable also and I have used him several times in the past.
6 months ago
Kevin Walsh
Very, very good service. Family business!
7 months ago
Luke Dawson
Replaced my transmission last year
6 months ago
Dr B
I asked for all 4 brakes and rotors replaced, I currentl don't have a place to do it myself. They charged me $1000 for rear brakes and rotors only. Absolutely ridiculous! DON"T GO THERE, they will rip you off!
8 months ago
Brian Hines
Had some work done 5 years ago and wasn’t pleased with the outcome..
5 months ago
Elizabeth Curtis
8 months ago
Darktechi Network
7 months ago
Deanne Green
3 months ago
6 months ago
Eric Fife
3 months ago

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