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Address: 825 NJ-33, Hamilton Township, NJ 08619, United States
Phone number: +1 609-443-9090

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Алеся Прохорова
Not impressed at all. I will preface this review by saying I did just walk in with my mom only without an appointment. I walked in the back door and immediately the alterations woman told me to go upfront. This sales girl who was very bubbly and friendly maybe at most 24-25 said to just browse the store and if I see anything I like to turn it around and she’ll bring samples to the fitting room. Very small selection I might add. Turned over maybe 4-5 dresses. 30 minutes later she finally came back over and set me up in a dark dressing room. I’m a size 18. When I turned the dresses over on the racks I was expecting those dresses but maybe within 2-3 sizes under/above my exact size. Nope. She just left me alone in the dressing room with 4 dresses all sizes maybe 8-10. This is what this woman does for work everyday and you know she knew exactly what size I was and knew damn well I wasn’t any of those sizes but still left me alone in the dressing room with those. I couldn’t get any of them past my hips. After getting frustrated in the dressing room my mother and I just left. She didn’t even come by to check on us in the short 5-10 minutes we were standing around waiting to tell her that none of these will work. Unacceptable. She could have flat out told me in the beginning that none of the dresses I picked out were available in my size range, instead of me getting all excited to try on. Not a good first experience bridal shopping which should have been a happy one.
9 months ago
Pavel Valishin
Just went to pick up my mother of the bride dress, after alterations had been made, the seams are all puckered when I asked them why, oh its the seam and the zipper nothing we can do, I told them seams should not be puckered like that to me it seems like when they stitched it the thread was too tight causing it to pucker, I asked them to re press it, they were not happy. I have a bustle and they put a metal hook on the back of my dress so you can see it, surely they could have used a white or clear one or sew most of it into the seam. It was pouring down with rain, and all I got to cover my dress was clear plastic that didn't cover the whole dress to the bottom, when I asked about the bottom she said well if we tie it, its going to wrinkle, how about offering some help out to the car, or giving a proper garment bag??. Even when I was going back for fittings, seemed like they couldn't be bothered with you and wanted you out of there as soon as possible, horrible atmosphere, horriible customer service!
6 months ago
Malin Hällström
They have a great selection of mother of the bride dresses but, they are also twice the price of other salons. I was sadly ripped off by them and their only offer to me was some store credit. Go there to shop and buy elsewhere
10 months ago
Ирина Шлыкова -Шипкова
My daughter was in a wedding last year. This shop had the bridesmaids purchase dresses too big and pay for extra length, which was not necessary. When we asked why they ordered such oversized dresses, the response was each designer has different sizing. So they, the professionals, taking measurements didn’t matter. Also kind of of rude about it. Had we not found our own seamstress, the alternation cost would probably have been as much as the dress. We are now shopping for a wedding dress and bridesmaids gowns, not going here.
7 months ago
Кирилл Агафьев
Yes yes and again yes .. Jersey bride living in Switzerland whose getting married in Spain! I was home for only a few weeks and tried many bridal stores and was getting so frustrated with not finding “ the one “ started to feel like that “ moment “ was overrated .. however 5 dresses in and working with Natalia we finally found the one before I even left the dressing room :) however then we realized the dress was discontinued.. I was so upset and confused and was told to come back tomorrow when the seamstress was in to see if we could take the sample size from a 18 to a 0 ... came back the next day and was assured the dress could be fitted to my size.. I am so happy and grateful for all the work that was done to help me and my dress during this crazy process ! Adjusting to my time schedule depending when I fly in , helping make my dream dress and getting nearly everything in one place... I’m not sure how much luckier I could be but it wouldn’t be without this store and EVERYONE in it. Go and try I recommend to literally every bride even if you think you know what you want !! See you guys soon in January ???????? love Fantasy
2 months ago
Яна Хистяева
Jackie you are awesome!! What a beautiful store , being in the business that says a lot ! You were very helpful and kind ! I know other shops would just not have wanted to be bothered helping fix my daughters shoes thank you thank you !! If your In Robbinsville area defiantly check them out!
10 months ago
Сергей Иванов
They have amazing dresses. Bought my daughters flower girl dress here and that experience was ok, even though they hover and extra pushy. Ordered the dress and was given a week before July 4th. Did not receive it until the end of August after numerous calls to get an update and was told different things every time we called and Rose would say she didn't tell us that. So they don't tell the truth. Mind you we ordered it three months prior to wedding date. I make the decision to not do alterations there due to the time it took for the dress to arrive. I tried the dress on my daughter and you can clearly tell it was altered and not a brand new dress. I paid $200 +++ for this dress. There is a huge hole in the tulle, lace is just hanging off, you can tell the zipper was altered and there are strings hanging everywhere. I would not recommend this place at all.
10 months ago
Sветлан@ Георгиевская
I'm not sure what to make of this store. The customer service is not the best. I went there with my mother to shop for her gown, and we were successful in finding the right one. She purchased it but wasn't given much information on when to expect it and what would come next. I followed up and was given an approximate week as to when it would arrive. Months have gone by, and here we are, the week of said arrival, and in calling the store, I received absolutely no time frame, no direction, no nothing. Instead, I was told they would call me once it came. What does that mean? We're two months before my wedding, and I can't even get a straight answer on where this dress currently is, or when I can expect to hear back from them. I'm very concerned, worried, and nervous. If you're looking for a thorough experience, a place where they put your mind at ease every step of the way, you're not going to get that here.
6 months ago
Алексей Петров
My daughter and I visited the store located in Robbinsville, New Jersey on February 17, 2016 and was immediately greeted as if we were long time customers. The staff made us feel that, even though we did not make an appointment we matter. Thumbs up for that!!! you turned something that I thought was going to be a nightmare into an awesome experience. And yes, I am the mother of the bride to be and was shopping for a dress and no, I did not want to look my age (55). Rosa, your an amazing individual and your opinion did matter along with the opinion of my beautiful daughter Monica Miranda the bride to be. Ultimately, she had a certain look for me and I believe she got what she wanted. I wanted something flattering and gorgeous and that's what I got. The dress was picked, purchase and the waiting begins for its arrival. I can't wait. Thank you ladies for turning a headache into an amazing experience that I can honestly say is a relief, thank you Jesus. See you soon!!!! I recommend anyone who needs to shop for beautiful dresses to visit this store.
10 months ago
Стас Емельянов
Great experience!! The staff were friendly, helpful, and I never felt rushed. Beautiful selection. Great atmosphere.
9 months ago
Катерина Федорова
AMAZING! The staff here was so friendly and their selection had everything I was looking for. The girls was so attentive to me and helping pull dresses. I purchased my dress from Rose, and I am so glad I did! the alterations she did on the dress was impeccable -- She did an amazing job fitting it to me perfectly!! Would highly recommend this shop to any bride looking for personal attention and high class dresses!
2 months ago
Денис Горюнов
I went with the bride to get measured for the dress she chose and was being purchased through Fantasy weddings. I realize all dresses size differently, and have been in 8 weddings to date (so I do know how this works) the sales clerk measured my bust to be a size 14 (in cooralation to the designers size chart) waist to be 15 and my butt at a 16. Being the dress is cut to be fitted through the waist then flares out I chose the 14. The sales women all very vocally to my embarrassment went into the "no return policy" and "the dress WILL NOT fit" frenzy in front of the bride and groom next to me. Mind you I wear a size S/M top typically and 6 pant. 3 months later, upon receiving the dress, I go to pick it up at Fantasy where we all got our dresses and a few other girls got alterations, and the dress got handed to me and I was told to have a nice day. I am sorry but I just spent $200. to have a dress custom made THROUGH YOUR BRIDAL SHOP and PAID IN FULL TO YOU and I don't get the customary "would you like to try this on?" ESPECIALLY being most places want to keep the business and have you get alterations through them, correct? It was 3:30 on a Saturday, they close at 5. Last thing I would like to say is the dress had 2.5 inches taken in by a wonderful seamstress on either side of the bust, waist was a little large and length was taken, but of all the 7 bridesmaids, I spent $50 in alterations whereas the other girls were between $100-$150 and drowning in their gowns. I have never written a review or been so appalled with a business. I will also never go back.
4 months ago
Ирина Левшиц
My daughter and I had a very positive experience at Fantasy Weddings. The staff was extremely helpful, giving personal attention to every detail. We were never rushed and spent nearly 2 hours looking at and trying on gowns from their large and beautiful selection. The staff especially accommodating when it came to altering my daughter's gown to her specific desires. We would definitely recommend Fantasy Weddings over some of the more well-know wedding dress chains.
4 months ago
Сашка Хорошилова
I was in the shop today looking for a mother-of-the-bride dress. Leah was amazingly patient and helpful as I tried on about 7 dresses over the course of one and a half hours. She gave me honest and helpful input and never made me feel rushed. They had a wide range of beautiful styles and designers to choose from. I could also see that they and quite a large sample assortment of wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses as well! I didn't make a final decision today but am close. I may be back to order one particular dress, just need to shop a little more to be certain. I highly recommend this shop and will definitely consider it anytime I need a formal gown.
3 weeks ago
Слава Храмов
This place is HORRIBLE! They are so pushy and do not care about your opinion! They will do anything to make a sale. My cousin bought her wedding dress here along with all of her bridesmaids. Every single bridesmaids dress is HUGE! They did a horrible job at measuring. Now not only am I paying for extra length I have to get my dress taken in a whole size. You figure the owners would know which dresses run big but I think it's just another way for them to make money. The seamstress is horrendous. She does not take into account your opinion. If you don't like how something looks she shuts you down by saying it's fine I don't see it. I'm sorry but as a bride you have to be happy with your dress because it will be in every picture! The seamstress is not wearing it so she doesn't care. They have horrible customer service. Please take this review into account before going to fantasy weddings. It is not worth all the money and headache!!!
2 hours ago
Мария Налимова
Leah did an amazing job helping me find my dress. She is so sweet, knowledgeable and helpful. She is highly recommended to make an appointment with. Fantasy Weddings has so many options and so many beautiful gowns.
11 months ago
Альбина Вильдайс
These ladies were pushy and created am atmosphere that was not very pleasant. My mom found a gorgeous mother of the bride dress that she took home that day, so it was good to be done dealing with them. However, one of my bridesmaids ordered her dress in December and has still not received it and the wedding is next month. This place is very unhelpful and I am not happy.
1 month ago
Nikolay Mazanik
Rose was very nice and also had great recommendations. So glad I found this boutique!
9 months ago
Анастасия Вашукова
Beautiful selection, friendly staff. Rose is a perfectionist. Highly recommended for your special day. Worth every penny.
2 weeks ago
Оксана Шидловская
Have been to their shop several times now as my sister is getting married and bought her wedding dress here. The staff are knowledgeable and caring and are often extremely busy but take time out of what they are doing to give you opinions on dresses and help make suggestions. Rose is notorious for an honest opinion haha, which is awesome, because she wants you to look your best. Theyre also really good about telling you the schedule with which you need to buy your dress and get fittings to make sure it will be ready. We got our mother of the bride dress there as well as our flower girl dress, I went back there twice with my mom to try on mother of the bride dresses and she kept making a decision and changing her mind and the staff were understanding and accommodating. The mother of the bride dresses are BOMB. Amazing and beautiful and elegant,and and there is a style for every type of woman. The wedding dresses are elegant and they have some typical ones as well as some really unique and chic styles. We wanted to get our bridesmaid dresses there too, but with all the bridesmaids living far away it was just easier to do it at a chain store. You do get a discount once you buy your wedding dress for bridesmaids. All in all.... What I have to say about FW is that even as a maid of honor who wasn't purchasing any dresses, everytime I've been back there they've wanted to include me in the process as well and we've had nothing but a fabulous gals day out every time we've been there. Rose was trying to help me pick out a headpiece because my sister wanted something pretty in my hair and I had not the slightest clue where to begin and she had me laughing and trying on a lot of things.
11 months ago
Артур Кияченко
Knowledable and friendly! They have the most beautiful gowns!
6 months ago
Саня Чунин
The dresses were over priced and the store owner wasn't friendly
7 months ago
Сергей Тюленев
After looking for a perfect mother of the groom's dress, I was very disappointed at all other venues. I came to Fantasy Wedding and found three dresses with the help of an attentive listening staff member. Yea!!!
10 months ago
Виктория Ярошенко
What a wonderful bridal shop. They have so many beautiful dresses and the ladies that work here are extremely helpful and sweet. They have a ton of different styles- and even a sale rack! I wish I had come here first after having a horrible experience at LuLi's bridal in Hillsborough. Fantasy Wedding's has a very nice and big space with excellent service and selection.
6 months ago
Нина Антонян
Didn't like this place... not a good selection for bridal, very pushy, and an uncomfortable atmosphere. There are far better bridal shops out there.
8 hours ago
Марина Зуева
Beautiful dresses and staff was very helpful to narrow down my decision
6 months ago
Alena Vladimirovna
Extremely helpful staff. Wide variety.
6 months ago
Денис Плетнёв
Give you one price or say it's at one discount and the next time you go back it's changed! Get it in writing ????
10 months ago

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