Gay Liberation Monument

Historical landmark Gay Liberation Monument, Christopher Street, 204 West 4th Street, New York, NY 10014, United States: 22 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Gay Liberation Monument
Rate: 4,4
Address: Christopher Street, 204 West 4th Street, New York, NY 10014, United States
Phone number: +1 212-639-9675

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 40.7335654
Longitude: -74.0024981

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April smith
Totally worth a visit. Located at Stonewall park, there is so much history here and the park is also very nice, though small. If you are ever in the Village, get a coffee or ice cream from the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop and hang out by the monument.
9 months ago
Lauren Pedrotti
Nice place to see end talking with friends end family always berry nice and downtown new York city.
8 months ago
Sharon Mpofu
Accidentally stumbled across this iconic area on the way from Washington Park to the #1 subway line to head up to Times Square. The monument with its statues, and the small park that they sit in, are quite peaceful and thoughtful. Across the street was the bar (The Stonewall Inn) where it all started. I didn’t go inside, but now wish I had, just to see what it looks like. Glad I got to see all of this. It’s a moment of American history that changed so much.
2 weeks ago
Kyle Milbrand
You'll find the statues in the middle of this peaceful little park. Very quiet, it's hard to imagine you're actually in central Manhattan. A monument that speaks a thousand words for the LGBT community.
11 months ago
Don Park
A powerful reminder of where we’ve been and what we have left to do.
7 months ago
Betsy Harrison
This is a landmark in the West Village. The sculpture is simple but powerful. The location right across the street from the Stonewall Inn is perfect for a sculpture celebrating Gay Liberation.
1 week ago
Deven Furne
Cozy park recognition for lgbt civil right. Unique sculpture, fun, exciting area that is very lgbt friendly. Landmark site across the street from the Stonewall.
10 months ago
jasting farhad
Priceless, good to know about history. Who fought for our rights
8 months ago
Neville Rosario
Nice little park, better with a walking tour to provide context.
6 months ago
Abdu Vall
Congratulations on being part of the Stonewall National Monument! The first LGBTQ historical focused park in the USA!
2 weeks ago
Arlene Walker
Been to this park when I was in New York. Was a nice park and it was on the way to milk and cookies bakery. Then walk off those cookies on the way to the subway station
6 months ago
It's a small little park across from the Stonewall inn and which both are historical landmarks for the gay community.
9 months ago
floyd lynch
Shocking. Needs to be moved
8 months ago
Vicente Sanchez
Small but cosy park
4 months ago
Stuart Krantz
10 months ago
Needs to be there.
6 months ago
OZ zarad
同志聖地,感動到一定要進 Stonewall Inn 喝杯啤酒
2 weeks ago
Nafea Samara
Künstlerisch zeichnet sich dieses Denkmal nicht unbedingt durch Originalität aus, dafür ist seine gesellschaftliche Bedeutung immens. Das Gay Liberation Monument erinnert an den Kampf der Schwulen und Lesben um gleiche Rechte unweit des Ortes, der wie kein anderer für diesen Kampf steht. Im Stonewall Inn widersetzten sich am 27. Juni 1969 Transen, Lesben und Schwulen den schikanösen Razzien der Polizei. Das Stonewall Inn in der Christopher Street (daher Christopher Street Day als Name der Pride Marchs) wurde so zum Symbol einer Bewegung.
3 months ago
Man Rocket
Kann man auf jeden Fall ansehen und die Gegend ist auch wirklich schön. Ein nettes kleines Memorial.
10 months ago
Andrea Farris
Mooi dat hier een monument voor is opgericht. Een heel belangrijk stukje geschiedenis.
6 months ago
Mitch McCracken
Una escultura muy linda y emotiva. Es importante venir aquí para conocer los hechos que se desencadenaron en este lugar
11 months ago
Patrick Junginger
7 months ago

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