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Address: 39190 Paseo Padre Pkwy, Fremont, CA 94538, United States
Phone number: +1 510-358-2828

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Олеся Огарева
My daughter Laura loved going to her art class. It is a wonderful place for young kids. A very nice and professional environment!!
6 months ago
Настёна Герасимова
Ms. Prashanti is a great teacher, and the class is relaxing with a lot to do and learn! We have multiple projects going on at the same time and dedicate each week to something new.
6 months ago
Римма Сахабеева
This Art Gallery and institute is an ideal place for kids to learn art. Fees for art classes are very reasonable and affordable. The staff are very friendly and welcoming. They offer online and onsite classes for kids of all ages. Very clean and cosy place with amazing showcase of Fine Arts and paintings by their teachers and artists, which is very inspiring.
2 weeks ago
Дима Позин
Prashanti art gallery is an awesome place where kids can explore their creativity and learn to sharpen their drawing, coloring and painting skills. My son joined about 7 months ago and we see his skills elevate in quality by way of precision and attention to details. His strokes has changed and I see changes in his coloring strokes and shades. It’s a good place to enroll your kids if you see them interested in arts.
1 week ago
Сусанна Мкртчян
It's a great place to send your kids if you want them to learn professionally. The teachers take their job seriously as I see much improvement in my child's artwork at school. They balance their structure by providing step-by-step lessons and creative art projects which I admire because my child has been learning while having fun . My walls are filled with her artwork and many people who visit our home praise her talent. Ms. Prashanti is very skilled and makes sure there is discipline in the classroom. I noticed that she is very busy with her classroom and to know about the kid's progress, you need to take an appointment and she will definitely take the time to explain well. However, the front desk is always informative and answers politely. I've put my daughter in many art schools before but never have I been so pleased with the teaching standards over here. It's been 5 years now and I hope to see my kid grow further with this institute.
1 week ago
Нелли Мякота
I bought 3 paintings from here a couple of months ago. They look fabulous in my new home. The owner told me that the painting I bought would be attractive to people who come in and bring peace to my home. I definitely witness that. Many people complimented this artwork when they visited my home. I definitely recommend this place for buying artwork. The prices vary based on size and framing but the quality is great unlike the cheap paintings you find at thrift shops.
10 months ago
Анастасия Фирсова
My daughter had been training under Ms. Prashanti for last 8 months n there is remarkable improvement in her drawing n colouring. But most importantly, she has become more confident with her strokes n sketching. The patience with which they teach is really commendable.
8 months ago
Анатолий Чистяков
Hi my daughter is going to prashanti for 3 month now n trust me have seen lot of development in her painting skills. Prashanti also does individual projects which are very innovative. Every class my daughter learns something new n nice tricks for drawing. Will strongly recommend her.
9 months ago
Рома Алексеев
My little cousin loves coming here to learn the different techniques of art. They first started her off with coloring and now she’s painting and these paintings are absolutely beautiful!! She loves her teachers so much that every month she makes them a little drawing along with a thank you card. The staff is so dedicated to their work and their main priority is teaching the young generation art in a fun, interactive way! I highly recommend everyone to send their kids and little cousins and siblings here!!
10 months ago
Мария Сочнева
My daughter has been going to Prashanti Art studio for almost 2 years. She is always excited to go the class and always feels good and happy after 2 hour class. Her drawing and painting skills improved a lot and we had a good creative wall at our home with all her drawings/paintings. Very much recommended art studio for beginner kids if they have interest in painting and art.
7 months ago
Олег Ириков
I admitted my kid here and she enjoys her classes every week. She is learning so much and improving with every class. Thanks for all the support.
10 months ago
Елена Долбня
My daughter has been going to Ms.Prashanti for over 2 years and she loves it. she does a variety of art every month. My daughter enjoys the special projects they do every month
9 months ago
Дмитрий Семенов
Initially I thought it was an art class but I was astonished when I came over there and saw the gallery. Amazing paintings & artworks displayed. It takes so long for someone to reach to that stage, I am so glad that you are setting up such high standards for the kids. Great going!!! All the very best!! Regards Sailaja. Ventrapragada
7 months ago
Павел Аверьянов
Very good teaching and very friendly atmosphere. All kids always looks cheerful and enjoys all art projects thoroughly because teachers make sure every kid is involving and paying attention. This place allows overall enrichment in different art forms from fundamentals to creative art projects. Teachers are very disciplined when it comes to teaching and Miss Prashanti is best art teacher that's what our kid explains. She is always open to discuss and encourages kids to many way. Our kid Sumesh is 8 years now and going to this place from past 2 years and he loves to attend his classes.
11 months ago
Роман Длужинский
Great place to learn... Excellent Teachers... And also they have wide range of Art collections with the decent pricing... Great place to buy and decorate ur home...
8 months ago
Trery Fser
My daughter and son both have been going to Prashanti Art for almost 4 years now. Our kids look forward every week going to Prashanti Art and they are not allowing us to give a break for some time since its almost 4 years. Initially they were not able to draw single line properly but now all their rooms filled with their art works. They are now 10 and 12 years old and we must say they grew with this institute. We thought to write a review as so much our kids gained over the years. Teachers are very professional and the founder Miss Prashanti, has MFA degree from SF and over 20 years of professional work in the field of Art. She worked as Book Illustrator, 2D Animator, 3D Game designer for very repudiated companies such as EA. She is very passionate and dedicated to teach art from years in Fremont and thousands of kids enriched their artistic talent over the years. This institute gives more importance to fundamentals in Fine Art skills and at the same time they make sure kids having fun with creative art projects like Craft, Clay , Mixed media, Abstract, Cubism, 3D Art, Free expression, imaginary Art etc. Since they polish drawing skills so strong, we observed our kids expressing in school projects so well to present their ideas. We believe art is not just for fun, it builds lot of observation, patience, and gives ideas to brain. We truly appreciate this institute to create so much confidence in our kids and enjoyable each class. Thank you Miss Prashanti for always encouraging kids and keeping their enthusiasm on to learn more.
6 months ago
Сергей Залевский
Great environment for the kids to learn and better their art skills!
1 week ago
Александра Карташова
My daughter has been going to the class for more than a year now and we have seen a gradual improvement in her.Her techniques improved and she started using shades in the right way.The teachers are very nice and know how to handle and train the kids.
6 months ago

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