Bucks County Water & Sewer Authority

The Bucks County Water & Sewer Authority is a regional government office located at 1275 Almshouse Rd, Warrington, PA 18976, United States. The authority is responsible for managing the water and sewer systems in Bucks County.

It operates under the oversight of the Bucks County Board of Commissioners and is run by a board of directors appointed by the commissioners. The board is responsible for making decisions regarding the operation, maintenance, and development of the County's water and sewer systems.

The Bucks County Water & Sewer Authority provides clean drinking water to roughly 322,000 residents in 18 municipalities within the county. It is also responsible for treating wastewater produced by 43 municipalities.

The authority's mission is to provide safe, reliable, and sustainable water and sewer services to the residents and businesses of Bucks County. Its operations are guided by the principles of environmental stewardship, fiscal responsibility, and providing exceptional customer service.

Overall, the Bucks County Water & Sewer Authority plays a critical role in maintaining the health and wellbeing of the communities it serves. Its commitment to providing high-quality water and sewer services is vital to the sustainability and growth of Bucks County.
Bucks County Water & Sewer Authority
Rate: 1.8
Address: 1275 Almshouse Rd, Warrington, PA 18976, United States
Website: bcwsa.net
Phone number: +1 215-343-2538

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 40.2698925
Longitude: -75.1319076

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Theresa Blanks
I don’t understand the negative reviews neither. So far they have been great in dealing with our problem. They are the most efficient company we have ever dealt with and have continued to impress us. They are still working here and so far excellent service. They have sent out extremely experienced men and now the landscaping company subcontracted through them to put my lawn back together has been respectful and thorough. I will update when they have totally finished the job but would not hesitate to trust them again.
6 months ago
Ph Yo
I am very appreciative of their service and response time. Unfortunately people with poor experiences will respond more than people who have had wonderful service. I called them 5 years ago and they were just as responsive as tonight....night before a holiday. They were out here in about an hour and resolved my issue in less than 20 minutes. They offer advice and are very professional. I am very thankful for their service.
6 months ago
Esbeydi Gaona
The lady doing customer service is the worst I've ever dealt with. Completely unhelpful and permanently sounds like she's going to snap!
3 months ago
PaixAmour Chanel
Alicia at BCWSA is the most rude and obnoxious person to deal with. I work with public authorities on daily basis and never came across someone with such poor customer service. She raises her voice when asked the most simple question Extremely short in her temper. It’s beyond me how she keeps that job!
3 months ago
Sendina brevil
I've lived in my apartment for 18 months, and have never once gotten a bill from BCWSA as my water is through Richland Township Water Authority. My water bill is $40 every 3 months. Then I get a water shutoff notice from BCWSA saying I owe over $300. What on earth is going on here?
4 months ago
No sure why all the poor reviews. My call about water main leak was acted on super promptly. Same day a crew marked electric, etc and the very next morning another crew came and repaired it. Just waiting on lawn crew to patch things up.
6 months ago
JC Patrick
I had a sewer issue..i called and they immediately sent someone out..he had to send the next shift crew Kurt and Jim to snake the lines..everything is now working great..im so glad I pay extra for the sewer and water line coverage because it was covered
6 months ago
Brian March
My sewer bills have doubled since they took over billing for my township. The website is lame, you can't login with a username, you need your account number. Sure, I always carry my sewer service account number around with me.
5 months ago
Monica Kelley
Horrible customer service, overpriced...but really horrible customer service
4 months ago
Joanne Gillespie
Billing is terrible, charges you for services not used and they will not refund. If I had another option I would take it.
4 months ago
Stephanie Ceelen
Really a new meter fee of $ 23.68 Really?. Now the kicker my new sewer rate of 5.5% more to help the city of philadelphia with green improvements? I live in bucks country. Anybody thinking of moving to bensalem don't do it. It's A BIG RIPOFF FOR SEWER. You can thank the mayor for selling our sewer to this bottom feeder company.
6 months ago
Diana Kizer
This company is just the WORST!!! Good luck getting through the phone maze from hell. Most company phone lines press 0 to get an operator not this company run by Lucifer himself and all the dammed soles that he has working for him... I GIVE THEM NO STARS!!! I had to press 1 star just to leave this review that I know NO ONE at BCWSA will read because they know there service SUCKS! - The one review where the guy gave 3 stars but no comment made me laugh out loud!
9 months ago
Kristin Wolfkill
They have a flat rate charge of $55 for nothing and then have our normal charge per gallon.
6 months ago
Scott Wohlers
Billing STINKS, I wish my township had never made the change to use this company!
7 months ago
Kyle Smith
Poor reviews mean nothing to this company. They disregard customer complains and inquiries and do whatever they please. They recently have imposed a 5.5% sewer rate increase on Lower Bucks County residents to pay for Philadelphia "green improvements". When asked why nonresidents of Philly should have to pay for their "improvements" , there was no response. Furthermore their water quality is terrible!
5 months ago
Matthew Dildine
Best water utility service in the area, customer service was beyond my expectation they charge acceptable fee for their service and always out there to promote themselves as a save and reliable utility service.
8 months ago
Wendy Kilroy
Poor website, hard to figure out how to pay online.
5 months ago
Carina Monje
Really $22.45 meter reading charge? I guess you give Mayor Digirolaro of bensalem a little of that action don't you? He was stupid enough to sell our sewer service to you. Just one word for you BIG RIPOFF.
1 week ago
Edith Mclaughlin
Executive Director makes $278k for a non-profit that's ridiculous. Use to pay 13.00 a month with Middletown Township prior to BCWSA now pay $112.00 a month. All trucks and vehicles have fancy wrapping. Service is terrible, low water pressure, low volume, contaminated water. Taking two weeks to repair a sewerline break, no notice on their website about a major water main break until after I called today. When I did call the 215 tel number it was all automated messages about paying your bill no choice speaking with a customer service representative. I finally just selected a number trying to get a human being. Poor Chuck at BCWSA finally took my call and got an earful. They didn't even utilize their touted rapid response system to contact customers about today's water main break. I am stymied and mystified as to why we as Bucks residents allow this to happen to us. The PUC real ought to investigate this outfit of course ----No one cares!
6 months ago
Alex Kosmos
First I get a notice in December stating that this company is POISONING my family with cancerous toxins and now today when I go to shower for work, which I go to so I can provide for my family and pay that water bill, I have NO WATER with ZERO notice. I checked the website for alerts and outages and there is nothing. In fact, it hasn't been updated since the 18th, it's the 25th and there is a very obvious outage! When you call the emergency hotline, you get no answer and have to wait for a return call. You guys have one job; to provide a service to a community. Which, by the way, we don't really have an option but to use. You are failing.
7 months ago
ki ki
This company is one of the worst to deal with. The Super visor that has no compassion for there customers and probably deprived as a child. You know who you are lucifer. They will not work with you they rather shut your service to collect a reconnect fee. The hartless supper visor should really think. I had a bill past due and wanted to just make 2 payments to be up to date and she would not help me at all what a shame you give some animals position and they think they can do anything.
9 months ago
kristian bakaloff
This company is a joke. I pay you to provide clean drinking water and you can’t do that. I got 3 notices from you since December 2017 saying the haloacetic acid is over the legal amount. Well I believe you should give money back or provide each house a filtering system
6 months ago
Chet Uber
The worst customer service, and I honestly feel like I am being overcharged...
4 months ago
Elchma Doe
I don't use enough water for them to make any money so they charge a sewer service charge of $22.45. my actual usage is $12.83. I forgot to pay last month so now I'm paying a late fee of 3.53 AND an overdue interest fee of .29. What a racket.
7 months ago
A aw
Bad customer svc
5 months ago
Andrea Black
Astronomical fees, and very disappointing customer service.
6 months ago
General Manager
Poor service and response.
6 months ago
Eric Pomerleau
Insanely expensive
6 months ago
hui xue
The water is not very clean. I have to change my water filter every three months.
7 months ago