Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree is a discount store located in East Windsor, New Jersey. It is situated at 370 US-130 Ste 5 and offers a wide range of affordable products, including household items, food products, party supplies, and seasonal merchandise. The store is known for its fixed price policy, where everything is sold for a dollar or less.

The store has a wide range of products from various categories such as cleaning supplies, health and beauty products, snacks and drinks, pet products, toys and games, party supplies and much more. The stores are neat and well-organized, making it easy to find the item you are looking for.

Dollar Tree is a well-known brand that has many stores across the US and other countries. They offer quality products for a very low price, making them a popular shopping destination for those who are looking to save money.

If you are looking for a convenient and affordable shopping experience, then Dollar Tree might be the perfect store for you.
Dollar Tree
Rate: 3.6
Address: 370 US-130 Ste 5, East Windsor, NJ 08520, United States
Phone number: +1 609-308-0920

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 40.2769703
Longitude: -74.5369906

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sonia basra
This dollar tree one of the best I have been to. Clean, organized and well stocked
9 months ago
Eric Beal
It's a beautiful store with friendly employees.
7 months ago
Kristopher Donovan
Bad Customer Service. Some women named Sue was very rude to me when I called to ask about my order, she hung up on me. I am never rude to anyone and she yelled at me before hanging up. I’m very disappointed with this store. Dollar Tree at East Windsor NJ.
8 months ago
Craig Chmelicek
Consistent products. Good people working there.
10 months ago
Nice place. For little shopp
10 months ago
Tracey Kelley
It was crowded in the store, there were people smoking near the entrance and music blasting from a car just driving up and another leaving. I hate coming to this dollar tree on the weekends. I have asthma while trying to protect myself from covid-19.
2 weeks ago
Papa Roach
Here is review. 1. At the best place. 2. Most disorganized store i have ever seen for doller tree. 3. Things out of place and out of stock. 4. Never find a single item looking for. 5. In pick hours always registers are busy . 6. It doesn't have seasonal items sometimes.
8 months ago
Meiyappan Rajamanickam
Great location. Love this store. It always has exactly what I'm looking for. And I always find other gadgets and my all time favorite-kitchen gadgets-AWESOME. They have a little bit of everything. Would love to work here! Stocking and re-shop all day ????????
4 weeks ago
Resmiye Demir
Nice selection and pleasant staff.
4 months ago
Derek Fry
Not all Dollar Trees are the same. This one near my job in East Windsor is always disorganized, has lots of empty shelves and is a bit messy tbh. They were sold out of helium today too! If you go to this one, be prepared to side step around messy aisles. The Dollar Tree on New Falls Road in Levittown though? That one is legit. Better items and always super super clean and well stocked.
8 months ago
Alex Larionov
One of the largest Dollar Trees I've shopped in the Central Jersey area. Pretty clean and decently stocked for a busy Sunday afternoon.
8 months ago
Gemma Chadwick
You get very small quantities of any item that lets them sell for one dollar plus tax. So if you are looking for large quantities go somewhere else. But if you only need a couple of items it's perfect
8 months ago
Дмитрий Petroff
Very happy with this store. They have a plethora of items and only occasionally do they not have what I'm looking for. However, they constantly surprise me with new items.
9 months ago
stephen simpson
7 months ago
Tom Finley
Friendly staff and low prices. Always an easy, convenient, and affordable experience
8 months ago
Jose Moran
Not crowded Manager friendly, he himself was on his knees putting Christmas bags on the shelf very helpful. Cliff
6 months ago
Joshua Spears
With little money you got many things $20.00got you like 20 items can't beat that
10 months ago
Heather Eady
Management is VERY rude!! I CAN'T EVEN START. bathroom is gross place.... I wanted to take pictures because it's unsanitary!!! Someone needs to go in and just see. Not even kidding. isn't stocked AT ALL! you can tell the manger doesnt care about there job. No one is at the sales desk. I will never shop here or any dollar tree again. I loved shopping here before. It just got worse now? The old employees were wonderful. Now I know why they left. Not safe to work there.
6 months ago
Oren Rubinpour
Looks like they are trying to clean it up. It was alot better than the last few times i was there and looked like a hurricane hit inside the building!
8 months ago
Bukola Adenuga
Great,alway filled with something for the whole house whole
6 months ago
Arthur Jackson
No air conditioning. Like an oven in there. Never can find anything and nobody to ask. Store is a mess.
3 weeks ago
Howard Mandel
store manager (i think) is a very rude person. a young gentlemen with a beard and ponytail was taking care of me and was very delightful and was really fast. Out of nowhere this women strted yelling at him & he said "plz dont yell at me in front of customers" n her response was "im not yelling u havent seen yelling" i was literally in shock bc i have never seen management handle themselves in such an unprofessional manner. If the mess in the store didnt make me wanna come back this situation was it for me.i feel bad for the staff!!!!!!
11 months ago
Lamar Newsome
Excelent. I lovely Dollar tree
9 months ago
Erika Sloane
It's Dollar Tree...If you know your prices, you will either get good deals or ripped off!!!
8 months ago
Dan Nicholson
I usually run in to get quick things. Not well stocked and messy.. Prefer the one in Hamilton marketplace
10 months ago
Lidok Bobrova
Great bargains, but stock moves very quickly. If you see something you might like, you need to buy it right away. Chances are, it won't be there next time.
10 months ago
Suzanne Lewis
Great place to shop, everything available with satisfactory quality i.e. value for money. Lot of items u to shop such as personal care products like body wash, shampoo, cream/lotion, shaving razors n cream, etc. gifts, celebration and decoration items, frozen food, spices, canned food, toys, electronics, plumbing and technical tools, etc.
6 months ago
TC Carl
Some dollar store charge more than dollar but this dollar store doesn't over charge. Every item dollar.
3 weeks ago
Gracin Williams
Best place to buy Ajax with bleach cleanser and the Sunday Star Ledger.
3 months ago
Andraya Hughes
A perfectly fine dollar store
8 months ago
Henry Lau
Bad Customer Service. Not a Smiley face around.
9 months ago
Jeff Perkins
Need more things????never have helium.
8 months ago
Anita Issa
Unfriendly women to say the least
8 months ago
David Bolle
So many things to get for a dollar... excellant
3 weeks ago
Jamie Gottshall
3 weeks ago
Sylvia Buzzell
The bathroom is disgusting boxes are left unstocked and on the floor management is rude and unprofessional. Lines stretch all the way to the back with only one register open while the management does nothing. Scraps of frozen food can be found scattered throughout the store on the floor. I drive several towns over just to go to a different dollar tree and avoid this one at all costs.
10 months ago
ebrahim sarwari
Always has what I need. Employees are very friendly.
10 months ago
Best place for greeting cards.
9 months ago
Ryan Conley
Good place but need some clean up
3 weeks ago
angelia brown
Fine for a dollar store
8 months ago
Scott Deffenbaugh
Many items you wouldn't expect for only $1
9 months ago
Chevy Nova
Manager was very rude and even cursed at me under his breath. Bathroom is filthy and stock is lying all around. Can't believe that OSHA hasn't shut the place down. On top of everything there is never enough inventory.
12 hours ago
Delcie Kraeger
Great finds!
8 months ago
benny brown
Very good
6 months ago
Lisa Journey
Very cheap
10 months ago
Taylor Bishop
Price is right
8 months ago
Henry Lau
Convenient,not expensive
11 months ago
Store needs a good clean up crew, always messy
11 months ago
Hongye Zhou
Hot hot hot
10 months ago
Photography Palache
Great selection, well maintained.
11 months ago