Zamaan Hookah Bar and Restaurant

Hookah bar Zamaan Hookah Bar and Restaurant, 349 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211, United States: 88 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Zamaan Hookah Bar and Restaurant
Rate: 2.7
Address: 349 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211, United States
Phone number: +1 347-593-4444

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Latitude: 40.7079126
Longitude: -73.9557638

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Xiaokai Cui
Wings are very tough and tasteless
7 months ago
peggy buckley
They're closed during the pandemic, but go next door there's a bomb little spot that's way better.
7 months ago
Edi Campis
It was a nice spot...DJ was great...I'm not sure if they had food...didn't offer a food menu
2 months ago
Yulia Zaytseva
It's cash only, but we didn't know this until the check came. There is no print menu yet, they just reopened. But there are wings, and a few other apps to choose from. The drinks were good, and everything is moderately priced. In the future we'll probably eat elsewhere and Hookah here, the flavors were good.
10 months ago
Yaser Alhimony
Middle eastern food & hookah lounge in Williamsburg..
9 months ago
Yung Yeezy
Think this place is forever closed. Don’t show up
6 months ago
Stephen Marion
Good music an hookah. Drinks are good to.
6 months ago
Dan Baker
If your a guy just don’t come here .. it’s such a hard time getting in and they say u must have a female wit u its $20 to get in and owner is rude I almost had to fight him myself he talks to you any type of way.. but once u get in it’s nothing but good vibes and fun and food music is really great
7 months ago
John Beecher
Intimate enough for a few people, no more than 3 honestly. Service was good, very attentive. Food is also good, the fries are on the money.
4 months ago
Paul Ust
Space isn't really isn't big. I don't know so much about during the week but on the weekends which are always active they want $20 at the door. They serve hookah, drinks and food
4 months ago
Tammi Johnson
They charge $20 at the door now. Its also a drink ticket. You can pick any drink if your choice. They have hookah and they replace the coal free all night. I stopped going because of the door price. They closed off the back so the place gets packed quick now. If they don't have a seat for you then you can't get in.
8 months ago
Kirill Kuznetsov
If I could leave this place 0 stars I would! It’s extremely small and dirty. It’s so crammed you don’t have any space to move. The security guards are very rude especially the bald headed ugly one. Never again. Don’t waste your money or time.
4 months ago
Shirley Roosa
The owner is horrible. I've been going to this place for years and when they changed management things went a little south. Once you're in the music and food is great. There's an inside and outside; the hookah is great and affordable. There's a slight dress code.
8 months ago
Michael Napolitano
Went once years ago with friends who wanted to try the hookah thing. I'm not into hookah. But I remember the drinks being so-so.
10 months ago
James Haire
I would give this place zero stars if possible. Per Google, this place was open by 3PM so I walked there and it was closed (would have gone else where if I knew from the start that it was closed). At around 4:30PM I noticed it was open so decided to give it a shot. I walked in and noticed a few Latino guys working in there (it was empty otherwise) and the main guy said the place wasn't really open but I could stay if all I wanted was Shisha so I got comfortable and 15mins later, nothing so I asked him what was going on and he said the Shisha guy was still not around but he could do it for me for $30????? I decided to leave at this point (wasted time that I'll never get back),, Poor service overall and no regards for customer time.
4 months ago
Duane Drake
Excellent hookah!
5 months ago
Deborah Morrisey
Same thing as others about the id, I ended up forgetting my id a weekend before Halloween. If your going to hold on to an id remember to return it back. I've called multiple times to see if they still have it, they don't answer. (Calling around 12-1 not rush hour) other then this it was fun, great music and we just enjoyed ourselves.
4 months ago
Dave Dyer
First off I been coming here for years.Hookah isn’t even healthy enough and the place isn’t big enough for the treatment you will get here.They don’t take cards.If you are a guy that they do not know then be prepare to get rejected at the door.Either for not knowing the bouncers or not having girls with you.Not sure why I would come with girls if I’m trying to meet girls ????.Honestly I really don’t understand this spot or who actually runs it bc it’s all trash but they I did go I can vouch for good music ????
9 months ago
Pamela Tragas
I went with my boyfriend. We got there about 1:30am. Chill crowd , EXCELLENT MUSIC, Hookah was fab. We didn't eat anything (not into bar food). We had a great seat at the front on a sectional couch. Overall we had a great time. I gave four stars instead of five because when my guy went to the door to ask what time they were closing, he was told that he had to have a female with him. What if it were a gay couple??? Not cool at all.
4 months ago
karishma priyadarshi
Absolutely fantastic! The hookah was perfect smooth flavor and they continuously change the cole so that you do not run out. Music was great kept you pumped up and to enjoy every moment there. All those that are in charge and serve are very friendly and helpful. Forever my number on choice
9 months ago
leah berryhill
Decent place, only takes cash which sucks, maybe since they have a lot of scammers. Young crowd 21-24. So be prepared for that if it isn't your scene. Hookah was 4/10, place is a money pit low key, but I won't knock the hustle.
4 months ago
Dalton Peay
One of the best hookah bars in town. Great value for money and very cool atmosphere. Try also the hummus, for $5 it's awesome!!
9 months ago
Paul Sabr
The service was the way it should be. They are quick to refill and pay attention to you when needed. The only reason I'm giving them 3 stars rating is because the DJ only plays 1 genre. Trap music, and songs you can only Milly rock to. That's cool, but way too many songs you don't even hear on the radio. Nobody knows these mix tape songs. It's Saturday. Can we play exciting music? Plus, if the DJ keeps yawning, you know there's a problem. Smh
9 months ago
Maitreyi Jha
Nice hookah spot, easy to find parking on a Saturday night. Good music.
4 months ago
Patrick Kirk
Best hookah in Brooklyn. Great Mix of hip hop and R&B music small lounge but good atmosphere for a group of friends.well located in Williamsburg
4 months ago
John Schmidt
Bouncers are VERY RUDE!! They are very strict on where you seat. The food is good. But overall their customer service SUCKS. DO NOT GO THERE!!
9 months ago
Michael Tuck
Nice atmosphere
2 months ago
Qqqq Qlknklnh
Staff treats u well great music lots of females
9 months ago
Kylene Pastorius
Doormen charging absurd prices. Rude and disrespectful owner. Plenty of other great places in Bushwick.
4 months ago
Carlos Torres
This place is trash! Don't waste your time nor your money; if you can even get in. Two dudes at the door told me I couldn't get in because i don't have a female with me. I'm not from NY. First time here in fact. It's not on your advertisement so how would I know this requirement. Bogus. Then they tried to charge me as much as they could for entry. Little do they know I have a brain and know how to use it. You are not the only hookah lounge in NY. Dueces.
10 months ago
Tracy Snyder
friendly staff...drinks and food was ok point and the hookah was great too!!!
7 months ago
Vito Hall
Went on a Thursday night. Hookah was good but the music was even better. The dj was playing throwback music, from hip hop to rnb to reggae. The vibe was super chill. I would go back.
2 months ago
Mohanad Alshareefi
Cloooooosed Google take this down.
4 months ago
JoAnn Joseph
If I could give this place 3 0's I would. 1st of all it's the ghettoest most ratchet hookah spot I've been to. I'm almost certain the woman at the bar was selling loose flaps at the bar. Almost all of the Premium flavors we tried to order were out. I was charged some ungodly price for a warm bottle of Poland Springs water. The chairs are ripped. The crowd is full of ghetto wanna-be sophistaratchet discount bundle wearing ghetto snipes They only accept cash but the nearby atm's are all broken. They have all of these weird ass rules, and men who are not accompanied with women forget it you won't get in. I won't ever go here again.
4 months ago
Ian Steele
Great music , even though it's a little muffled in the back room. Good service, and of course, great hookah. Dope spot
7 months ago
Kerri Egan
Awesome environment.. and their DJ Pache is the best around
4 months ago
Erin Spake
Never coming back here again...this place is overrated too much rules and regulations ????????
7 months ago
Jonathan Eliza
Lol you can't get in if you're a guy and don't have girls with you. That's the dumbest thing I ever heard of. Plenty of other places to go to so bye
8 months ago
Dalton M
Slow and weird.. I recommend they change the outdoor chairs !
9 months ago
Eva Abaddon
Great customer service nice atmosphere all types of music
8 months ago
Gabrielle Wassilak
Great DJ and Atmosphere. Also the only Hookah bar I've been to that automatically uses natural coals instead of instant lights.
4 months ago
Alexandra Schrubbe
I wish I could do minus stars. We came out to celebrate my sister Birthday and was stereotyped by the manager and his staff. They said because we traveled together with a group of 5girls and 2 guys we can't be allowed inside . This was the worst experience by far.
10 months ago
gabriel LeFlore
I'll never go there again! Before they gave me a seat they asked me for my ID, I said i already showed the bouncer my ID. The hostess said the reason they said they were collecting IDs were to ensure I paid before I blatantly. So I asked the the couples that were sitting next to me if the hostess collected their IDs they said NO. Then when I asked for the check they refused to give me my ID back when I said I didn't want to tip. Why would I tip someone who profiled me throughout the entire night. As in staying beside my table but never asked me if I wanted anything. Basically if you're not of a particular demographic expect the same treatment.
8 months ago
Phumlani Mngxekeza
Excellent service and even better food perfect place to hangout drink and smoke hookah.
6 days ago
Andre P
I felt they were racist and sexist!!! And unprofessional!! It was my first time and most likely my last time ever going! I do not recommend this venue for large groups! Nor if your going to invite guys to your party I'll explain why. 1) I was ask at the door before I they even try to ask me for my ID who was I coming with. I was told I cannot go in by myself then I said I'm with a group of people there inside by the bar it's a party, they told me I had sweat pants on and I could not go in even though my cotton pants had leather on them and I did not have sweats on, I believe I was dressed pretty trendy. I was told a female have to come out and escort me in because they were not allowing men to come in by them selves. 2) The drinks taste good but are not that strong at all in my book! 3) The music was mostly hip-hop and reggae and only got better around 1:30am 3) I was in a group of around 11 to 12 people and I guess that's they're group limit Because when we had two more guest which happen to be males and they gave him the same problem that they cannot get in alone come in they were trying to make us move to the back of the lounge Or our guys friends had to leave that with ultimatum because they did not want no one standing, which makes no sense if it's lounge and people are going to stand with their drinks and dance. Out friends left. 4) we kept on being harassed by the manage, as if we not giving them business and running up a huge bill which is going to get paid at the end! 5) then randomly the waitress came and asked us to hand her our ID's for some weird reason we refuse and then they left us alone. this was our experience as a big group I do not know how the experience is with a small party but I think it's ridiculous that men can't come in by them-self, while the lounge was clearly full of ladies. They were setting these standards as if there some amazing club or big time exclusive lounge in a different location!! the street they're located on is sketchy on its own!!!! I don't get it!! Once again I would not go again!!! I rather spend my money elsewhere!
10 months ago
Eduardo Lazo
THE BEST HOOKAH BAR IN BROOKLYN B U T I've been a customer here since 2015 and honestly as much as I love it I hate it bc of the manager/owner. SAMMY use to be a nice guy BUT when you come with a crowd or you come with a guy on a busy night his alter ego kicks in. Some times I look at him in shock that he would treat someone who invest in his business bc THEY WANT TO not bc it's the only resort like that. Don't get me wrong I ALWAYS GET IN but there has been times I basically gotta fight for rights like I'm in court simply bc I have 4-7 ppl with me. He doesn't GAF about anything you say and as a customer that bothers me a great deal. You cannot treat LOYAL customers however you want to but that is what happen when you know your the best in the entire BK. Despite that music, food, hookah, and atmosphere is GREAT. I love going there. #Traphouse #HookahInBk
11 months ago
Aneke Pomeroy
Perfect after work spot, drinks were not the best but decent, live dj, Music was poppin' (excellent mixture of oldskool and new). Food was good (must try their Mozzarella Sticks)
4 months ago
Sruthi Kumaran
Very unprofessional and money hungry. After arriving there for a few minutes with my friends. We ordered a hookah and some water. A few min later the manager walked over and demanded that each of us spend min of $35 each. Keep in mind we only arrived 5-10 min prior. He had no idea how much we planned to spend and that we also had others joining us. I will never go there again and I wouldn't suggest it to anyone else.
1 month ago
Jean Meyer
This is not a gud place to go. Owner was very rude n disrespectful to my crew. His own people say he always doing things to customers to get them out. He was charging my peopls 35.00 $ for coverage charge after we was there for an hour. Maybe he prejudice...smh..
9 months ago
Debbie Tijerina
Tourrist from paris just came to smoke A hookah worst expérience in nyc guy at the entry was really rude people inside wasnt dress good And gentlemen if you not with ladie they will not let you in
9 months ago